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Radio Free Mormon: 38: Church Sex Scandal Cover-up

In Radio Free Mormon fashion, RFM dissect the Church Sex Abuse Scandal coverup like a legal case.  He shows the incredible evidence that the Joseph Layton Bishop Jr. case was an attempted cover-up by the Church throughout the entire event.


28 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 38: Church Sex Scandal Cover-up”

  1. WOW!

    Just wow!

    A mystery as good as any shown on TV.

    You have hit the proverbial nail on the head.

    You have unfolded the key to unlocking this mystery; and we are handed a gift by your genius mind and wit.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you RFM!

    1. Given that you weren’t there, haven’t interviewed anyone, don’t know any of the players etc; your definition of the word “facts” appears to be a construct entirely of your own making.
      And you call yourself a lawyer…..!

  2. This was already a sad story..and still I did not want believe that the church could possibly do this..Thank you for a walk into another reality in my life. This church is not of revelation, nor is it anything close to a one and true church. Thank you.

  3. I’m glad you focused on the church’s statement about the PG police investigating “her claims”. Aside from the actual assaults, this is the thing that just blows me away. It is so dishonest.

    First, they imply that they talked to the PG police about the abuse. Then, they mention that the PG police didn’t communicate with them about the outcome, implying that there was no merit to the investigation (which they already implied was about the sexual assault). To sum up, they want us to think that they told the police to investigate the assault claims and that there was no merit. Shockingly dishonest. It’s not ethical by any standard, much less Christ’s standard.

  4. RFM –

    I think this is your best episode to date! You really did a great job laying out the timeline, and demonstrating the coverup. I’d basically stopped listening to/reading anything associated with the event late last week since it was just making me so mad, but glad this was the thing I decided to listen to today.

    1. Thanks so much, Corey!

      It was a bit of a challenge trying to lay everything out.

      It is almost like each separate incident in the story became its own mini-cover-up!

      Glad you enjoyed it!


  5. Absolutely stunning! Accurate and thorough! Thank you for spelling it ALL out!

    Y’know, I could have excused – maybe not excused – understood – the church’s decision not to act in the 80s. That would have been most every institutional response back then. And the thought of this becoming an overnight widespread public scandal just wouldn’t have been on their radar. But what our church leaders – all of them all the way to the top – have done in the past few weeks is reprehensible! Inexcusable! Undeniable! Diabolical! And yes, borderline evil!

    There comes a point where the line is crossed in their effort to maintain members’ faith and stick to the dominant narrative. That line has been crossed and there is no going back.

    Even if they totally come clean and offer a formal apology (which will NEVER happen) it’s not enough. They’ve lost ALL credibility with me. At this point, as much as I hate to say it, even Uchtdorf is complicit.

    There is no more church in Corporate Mormonism. There are no prophets, seers, or revelators. There is no more trust. There is no more care, compassion, and love. There are only desperate pleas and denials from desperate, power-hoarding men who are as far from God as they can possibly get. And lies. Lots and lots of lies.

    This is a deal breaker.

  6. Blistering cast! I’m certainly not prophetic, but I predict the opposition to the church will increase and their claim of being persecuted will grow.

    When the vote happens in conference, I wonder how many will shout “NO” again? I wonder if it will grow…….

  7. Yes, Joseph Bishop had a second office in the basement, where he could be undisturbed, uninterrupted, a quiet place, where he could be alone to PREY. Good choice of wording RFM. I chuckled out loud when I heard you say that officials said the room was a quiet place where Bishop could listen to the Tab’s music and he could PREY. hehe!

  8. I can only imagine the scene play out in the second office where President Joseph Bishop kneels down at the bedside ready to prey! It’s sickening and makes the church cover up even more disgusting.

    The church should be ashamed of itself!

  9. Well RFM, that’s a pretty harsh conclusion. I still believe they are good men at the top of the leadership.

    I don’t think we’ve established a connection to the Top 15.
    It’s an awful sad story indeed and one that shouldn’t have been swept under the rug.

    Not sure how many hush stories are involved, but it seems to be part of human nature. Note the the church has two levels, the local level and the high level. At the ward level, I would like to think that most are highly functional and work well, at the higher level their task is to continue to ensure that the local level works well and are cohesive enough.

    Perhaps the problem has been to paint ourselves as the one and only true church. This has always been a problematic statement for me. But we can argue that it is certainly still good.

    1. Yes, I agree it is a harsh conclusion.

      But I think the two church statements pin responsibility at the highest levels.

      And the deafening silence of any top church leaders to address the issue during General Conference is proof positive to me that they are guilty.

      Some are guilty by commission.

      The rest are guilty by standing silently by.

      At least that’s the way I see it.

      Thanks as always for listening, David!

  10. The Book of Mormon got it right –

    “And they shall contend one with another; and their priests shall contend one with another, and they shall teach with their learning, and deny the Holy Ghost, which giveth utterance. And they deny the power of God, the Holy One of Israel; and they say unto the people: Hearken unto us, and hear ye our precept; for behold there is no God today, for the Lord and the Redeemer hath done his work, and he hath given his power unto men.”

    “Because of pride, and because of false teachers, and false doctrine, their churches have become corrupted, and their churches are lifted up; because of pride they are puffed up. They rob the poor because of their fine sanctuaries; they rob the poor because of their fine clothing; and they persecute the meek and the poor in heart, because in their pride they are puffed up.”

    “They wear stiff necks and high heads; yea, and because of pride, and wickedness, and abominations, and whoredoms, they have all gone astray save it be a few, who are the humble followers of Christ; nevertheless, they are led, that in many instances they do err because they are taught by the precepts of men.”

    And finally…

    O ye pollutions, ye hypocrites, ye teachers, who sell yourselves for that which will canker, why have ye polluted the holy church of God? Why are ye ashamed to take upon you the name of Christ? Why do ye not think that greater is the value of an endless happiness than that misery which never dies—because of the praise of the world?

  11. I was really hoping RFM would cover this, being an attourney this is right up your alley! And you did not dissappoint! The details you point out, and how you show concrete evidence of the church covering up this scandel. Best episode so far!

    The only thing I wish is that you do a part 2 as more info comes to light, especially on the Church hiring a lawyer to conduct a smear campaign of Sister X, and the leaked email CC-ing Greg Bishop on all the dirt on her so he can go public.

    This story is still developing, and RFM helped get the record straight! Highly reccomend!

      1. I can’t tell you how excited I am for your take on GC. After listening multiple times to your October 2017 GC reviews I certainly listened to this one differently.
        My thoughts quorums were set up by a scriptural revelation- seems to me it would likewise need a revelation put to scripture to disband the high priest group. Also the poor high priests will no longer get to brag about there 3 decades of 100% HT Blue ribbon.
        Also for an Easter weekend I think Uchtdorf was the only Easter talk. I could be wrong.
        Eagerly waiting

  12. Sir, will you please provide all the reports, articles, reports and notes that you refer to on this episode. Would like to see the date for myself.

    1. I tried to give enough information on each article or statement that you should have no trouble looking it up for yourself.

      Google is your friend!

    1. Yes. Look at Linsday Hansen Park’s facebook poast on April 4th. She gives a step by step history of how everything unfolds!

  13. A MTC President is called by the First Presidency. If this is true the First Presidency really messed up. If Bishop is and was a sexual preditor the First Presidency is required to discern the truth.

  14. A nonsequitor. Not only does it seem that sexual abuse by leaders is aided and abetted. I have been attacked over my mental health disease symptoms. That would be HPGL, Bishop, and SP.

  15. I’m fuzzy as to why you are sure that the church knew about these allegations in the 1980’s. You connect that assertion with Bishop Leavitt saying that he had been contacted by church officials in the week and a half before his recent statement to the press. How does that prove that the church knew about the allegations in the 1980’s? Bishop Leavitt said he did not contact anyone at the time the allegations were made and the church claims that they have no record of Elder Asay talking with the victim (and no way to prove that he did). Couldn’t the victim have told the church during the recent settlement negotiations about her conversations with Bishop Leavitt and that is why they contacted him? I think the suspicions that you lay out in this podcast are compelling, but not provable at this point. Am I missing something? Nailing down these details is important to me as I navigate my participation in the church.

    1. several things. it is the evidence surrounding a second victim and that those bishops of those victims communicated with Joseph Bishop’s leader. It is also around the fact that evidence exists that Elder Assay actually met with this woman and perhaps even beyond him. Hopefully some of this will make it to the light of day (which may not happen if there is a settlement and I fully expect a settlement so who knows) but sit back and watch as there are still facts that need to see the light of day.

    2. Dear Joy,

      To the extent I said “the church” knew about these allegations in the 1980’s, I was referring to McKenna Denson’s YSA Ward Bishop, Ron Leavitt.

      I consider a bishop a representative of the church.

      Regardless of whether Ron Leavitt passed word up the ladder to his superiors, I think it is fair to say “the church” was aware of these allegations as early as 1987.

      But to the extent that Ron Leavitt is saying he did not tell anybody, including Carlos Asay, about McKenna’s allegations, this is obviously a disputed fact between the parties, and I think it important to keep that point clear.

      On the other hand, I have also stumbled onto more information (which I cannot disclose just yet) that top leaders in the LDS church were likely aware of this information even before 1987 . . .

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