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Marriage On A Tightrope: 010: A Faith Playlist

Allan and Kattie each share 4 songs that have been impactful for them during this faith transition.

Click here for the Google Music Playlist of 60+ songs that Allan and Kattie have compiled over the past year.









6 thoughts on “Marriage On A Tightrope: 010: A Faith Playlist”

  1. Thanks for both of you doing this podcast. It is so needed. It is terrible to know that I have deeply hurt my spouse because I just can’t believe the way I used to.

    I appreciate how vulnerable the two of you are in sharing your struggles on this topic. I hope I can convince my wife to listen to these and both realize it is possible to work through this. I think your podcast will give us a way to start discussing how we can do that.

    And this episode made me do something I almost never do. I moved my podcast speed down from 2.5X down to 1.0X so I could listen to the songs. This allowed me to listen more closely to “Rocks” and contemplate the words.

    Thanks again for putting yourself and your relationship out there for others to see. I do think it is blessing more people than you know or think.

    1. Holy buckets Batman how can you understand at anything faster than 2X.
      Songs were great. I’ve seldom given much thought to lyrics- I’m usually more like penny lane from Almost Famous- I put on some music and hang with my friends. Me I like to get on my motorcycle with Bob Seger and “Roll Me Away.”

      So I think you can tell I very Brent brown – what music can I listen to that will help me find my vulnerability? I’m more of a how can I numb this and throttle on. Vroom vroom.

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