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Mormon Awakenings: Episode 035: Interview with Tyler Brough

Jack Naneek interviews Tyler Brough about Tyler’s progressing faith, growing understanding and accumulated wisdom. Tyler shares personal stories from his youth and adulthood.  Jack and Tyler discuss how their views of church, God, and the purpose of life have deepened over the years.

During the podcast, Tyler mentions a Sacrament Meeting talk he gave in his ward.  That talk can be found here:  For the Strength of YOUth – 12312017


9 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: Episode 035: Interview with Tyler Brough”

  1. Awesome stuff guys, reminds me of the time I was chewed out for saying that I wasn’t sure if I really believed in God anymore over the sacrament pulpit in a testimony meeting.

    I got a plenty of negative feedback for sharing that, but it made a lot of sense meaning that it’s not that I don’t believe anymore just that I believe differently, and I will not surrender my inner authority to other people. The last podcast that Bill Reel made on premium content is just gold too.

  2. Thank you – I am on my 3rd time through this audio. Your talk on FTSOY is great. The comments on halves of life and the deficiency / wholeness model were awesome. In fact the deficiency concept being akin to leading to thinking there is no god is something I have wrestled with. Its worried me to think I am making an atheist argument. I have likened it to a parent giving all kids cars without training and letting them go. Stating good luck. From time to time I’ll reach out to 1 in a billion with a nugget of driving instructions. The thought that God loves me more than I love my kids using that concept has really bothered me. Your tyrant comment hit home for me. I am looking forward to reading Falling Upward. Did Tyler say he wrote a book.
    Jack – do you think you could get Richard Rohr as a guest?
    Thank you,

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