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Mormon Awakenings: Episode 036: Air Handlers

Jack Naneek shares a story of a defective air handler.  A local technician tries to up sell an unneeded new one.  An email from Zach is received, and a couple comparisons are made.


6 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: Episode 036: Air Handlers”

  1. With each episode I (think) am appreciating more and more the point you are trying to drive home.

    As we all know, analogies quite often break down when you extend them. I think this applies to your air handler analogy. After hearing your story I would be calling the owner of the company and say, “I pay you for a service and that includes minimum competency and certainly not misusing that trust to gain profit for work that doesn’t need to be done. So you have lost me as a customer and if you don’t give me my service call fee back, I will be vocal in saying how incompetent and possibly nefarious my dealings with you have been. I am aware of slander laws and I know how to stay well within my legal rights.”

    I find it hard when I was sitting next to the stake president yesterday and he said, “There is just so much false information and accusations going around the MTC story and we need to ignore that.” If I wasn’t trying to save my marriage, I would have given the stake president a few words.

    So I think I get the analogy, but I am certainly one that no longer believes based on what I feel is a massive trust issue with church leaders. I still can’t get over that and feel comfortable in church.

    So let me ask this Jack – are you going to call that same HVAC company next time you have an issue?

    1. Yes. Analogies do break down if extended too far. And no, I probably won’t call that heating company next time! But I’m not going to hold on to the frustration of dealing with them either. They helped me solve me problem, though in a way that was unexpected. Had they not been there, it would have taken me longer to solve it. It’s too bad your stake president is putting his head in the sand about the MTC situation. But, that obviously scares him more than it scares you–or else he wouldn’t be afraid to face facts about it. That a stake president would react this way is also probably unexpected, but interesting and enlightening also!

    1. Should be fixed. Episode 35 is the Tyler Brough interview. Episode 36 is Air Handlers. Some people got Episode 35 as Air Handlers yesterday. But fixed now.

      1. Problem still persists, but I was able to access the correct episode from Podbean… which is super good, and a needed message for everyone.

  2. Still not right episode on website.
    But I listened to the right one through Podbean.

    This episode reminded me of Bill Reel for some reason. I have a mental picture of him throwing a cocktail grenade to our institution because he perceives unacceptable levels of unhealthiness within our doctrines, truth claims, and culture.

    That said he does have a point and he is raising the levels of awareness and maybe it’s has been unhealthy for him to be active and everybody needs some time away, right?

    Maybe one of these days I’ll jump on the podcast…

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