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Mormon Awakenings: Episode 037: Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!

Jack Naneek explores unplugging. Many forces in our lives live off of us, beyond our awareness. Jack examines Nephi’s retreat into the mountains. Jesus’ 40 day fast and subsequent temptation illustrate the power of solitude. In the end, we learn that Facebook, Twitter and Das Man aren’t our friends.


8 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: Episode 037: Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There!”

  1. Not sure I noticed what was the reason the Ministering dinner conversation went south between the senior lady and her grandson?

    Was the point just to share how conversation can turn negative and not get into the details. I only half listened and had difficult multitasking on this one. The gist for me was try out mindfulness and know that a higher power loves you.

    1. Yeah. That was probably the point. I think. Wait. What? Uh, what were you writing? I was multitasking while reading your comment. 🙂

  2. Jack, that was fun and thought provoking, Thank You! It caused me to reflect too, on “training wheels.” The “milk before the meat.”

    My wife and I are into natural healing modalities as a career (forbidden over and over by the more modern church). The AMA, FDA and CDC (and church which backs these Gadiantons warned of clearly) hate this competition. The church semi-regularly denounces herbs and natural healing for some very strange reasons. The church used to promote this heavily in the 18000’s and warn against the poison chemical doctors and surgeons which we now worship. How can they be right back then and also now when they’ve done a 180 on this too? Too much Truth is bad?

    This also goes 180 of the full and wholesome Word of Wisdom, IF we can understand it when reading it, esp verses 2-4,10,11. One you get this, then put the rest of it in context with the heart of it which has become forbidden by most Leaders also following the inflaliable Leader, the Top Leader who has lost His connection with the Spirit a great deal of the time?

    We have seen so much in the “Modern Miracle Medicine” field vs the natural healing field which outperforms it 90% of the time. using them in that small portion of the time where they actually do shine in just fine. But, no worshiping Them.

    We have talked to people who will testify that drinking or esp smoking shuts off their connection with the spirit (knowing or feeling or receiving that Truth of all things). We have run into some who are too connected to the spirit world and it has become a burden or scary at times kn owing what is coming our way, who have purposely severed the too-strong connection by smoking. We are not judgmental of them, neither for smoking which is not healthy or for wanting to calm that overactive connection.

    While we are on the Word of Wisdom (WoW), we don’t even see the sacred and abusive Holy 4-Don’ts as even being Training Wheels at all since the Holy 4-Don’ts have become so coercive (forced salvation – Satan does not equal training wheels, nor is SAINT’nism very good training wheels other than mostly to see what false, fake, counterfeit looks like), but this refined counterfeit WoW has become the warned of “Stumbling Block to the saints” of judgmentalness and as gatekeeper, which more counterproductive in our last days of the 1000’s of centrally warned of Don’ts growing rapidly (fake “foods” and “medicines” 100% all poisons), and “the Gadiantons they all rode up on” described in D&C 89:4. Does this make leaders bashing herbs and promoting poison medicines part of those warned of Gadiantons???

    President Nelson is a vast improvement on this over most modern prophets. He gets exactly half of the real and wholesome WoW in that he does apply that good healthy diet, but, he still worships at the alter of the AMA, FDA, CDC… BTW, how can they heal anything with a growing arsenal of nothing but poisons? D&C 89:2-4

    Well, at least president Nelson understands that he has a vastly reduced need for various surgeries because as a result of seeing the unhealthy hearts of so many he has operated on (and he knows why, and has shared that), he eats as per the wholesome WoW. But, why omit herbs for health healing and wisdom which are the very most potent and healing foods which he is missing out on? the AMA, and FDA warn that herbs are dangerous and their drugs are our health saviors. Others like him have become partially Awake here, and have written books on that, but, don’t cross the line on not worshiping medicine still, which you won’t need so much if you will just follow half of the WoW – the wholesome healthy foods part, a great start. Even this alone is still far better than worshiping 4 Sacred Trees only (4 Don’ts).

    We have seen people get some limited results by adhering religiously to the refined (thus toxic) 4 don’ts, but too many LDS become blind because of that to the wholesome unrefined words of Christ = 1000’s of God’s wholesome Herbs and foods for health, healing and wisdom (for real Spirit connection) are off limits to most. D&C 89:10,11

    But how dare we defy the repeated warnings by Leaders in past decades telling us that herbs and natural healing are evil and that the FDA, AMA, APA and CDC are our health saviors?
    “Follow the Doctor, follow the Doctor, follow the doctor, don’t go astray!” Fully Sustain their Profit too!

    We choose to block ourselves from the Spirit when we are blind to the Spirit’s and God’s vast forest of health and wisdom (health plus the Spirit via foods and herbs) by 4-Sacred Trees. But the full truth of the WoW should and can never be “by commandment or constraint,” but the counterfeit refined version can be commended and and constrained, and that IS the beginning Wisdom of Jesus own Words of Wisdom to us, to hear Him and the Spirit first.

    Yes, you truly could and should say that the WoW (following or worshipping either version) really IS another Test. Few are getting the promises of verses 18-21, and for good reason, they are following blind leaders and not Jesus’ wise words.

    Back to more training wheels for the spirit. We have found that muscle testing (forbidden by most church leaders as being evil, of Satan – part of natural healing…) is great training wheels for connecting directly to the Spirit. Most people we know who have become proficient in muscle testing (for truth and goodness – this is not fool proof either) far surpasses connecting with the truth which our leaders receive while shunning these training wheels from God too, to connect with His Spirit, the truth of all things.

    Most who become proficient at muscle testing find that they soon no longer need to test their muscle strength (in arms, fingers, etc) to determine truth (strength) vs falsehoods (weakness), but that the feeling of truth just flows as a feeling anyway which we were not tuned to very well till this. Then more broad messages follow, not just Truth vs False, which is where the D&C ironically starts on this too. Some people just do feel this from the start, without training wheels. Others think they feel the spirit but are wrong a lot of the time, compounded because they have no gauge to measure and do not care to track the times they were wrong “following “the Spirit.” People hear the spirit telling them in the temple to do horrible antiChrist things and follow through with them. Their strong desires and fears override the real Spirit. This is part of why they want to follow a leader who cannot err. Deeper and deeper, away from Jesus and the Spirit.

    We as a people don’t want to use these training wheels (muscle testing fro Truth vs Lies) because we become more connected to Christ and the Spirit (Who never change) than our Anointed Leaders are who refuse to evaluate their track records?
    Moroni 10:5,6,18,19

  3. Unplug from Leaders,
    often enough to hear Jesus and the Spirit,
    said Lehi, Nephi, Alma, BoJ, Moroni, JS…
    1 Nephi 8: 5-9 & Moroni 10: 5,6,18,19

    Addiction to Leaders, to Das Man?

    SAINT’nism IS addictive, provoking anger at Truth.
    By their fruits…

  4. Your podcast, from the first episode, has been a catalyst for many delightful a-has; your synthesis of ideas from various sources is expansive yet practical. It helps temper the usual extremes I have encountered in my “faith transition”.

    The invitation to unplug from “Das Man” prompted a brief but fascinating Heidegger exposure…and a renewing of my commitment to contemplative practice. Thanks–I love the challenge!

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