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Radio Free Mormon: 041: BYU Police Report Bombshells: MTC Sex Scandal Update

Radio Free Mormon wanting to ensure listeners are kept up to date on the MTC scandal issues another episode keeping us in the loop.  This time RFM helps us make connection to the redacted police report that he has only learned in recent days.  Where is he getting this info?????  Who knows but we the listeners are the benefactors.  This story is full of secrets and RFM Cloak and Dagger approach is going to get to the bottom of it and this is one more step along the way

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34 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 041: BYU Police Report Bombshells: MTC Sex Scandal Update”

  1. RFM thank you again for the update on this incident. My wife is understandably furious that the church is trying to keep this whole thing under wraps and feels the church is denigrating all women because of their actions in covering this sex scandal up.

    In McKenna’s statement she mentioned that Bishop had gone to some Wyoming hot springs with other leaders and on one occasion a girl had removed her bikini top and exposed her bare breasts to them. Wouldn’t be interesting to know who these leaders were and what church positions they held when this incident occurred? And in addition, in this setting were these leaders encouraging the woman to remove her bikini top, and even more disturbing is it possible that the woman was paid to be there for the purpose of entertaining these leaders in this manner?

    1. The part about the hot springs is a bit of a mystery.

      In her recorded interview with Joseph Bishop from 12/2/17, McKenna asked him this question, and I believe he responded that it wasn’t in Wyoming, but was in Utah.

      Beyond that, I think no further details were elicited about this incident.

  2. This could/should be a Netflix show. Radio free should play himself but always have shadows covering his face. I fricking love you radio free!!

  3. Who would want to redact McKenna’s complaint? I can imagine that it’s Elder “don’t criticize, even if the information is true” Oaks.

    1. I also suspect Elder Oaks, excuse me, PRESIDENT Oaks, is involved to some degree in these decisions.

      He is, after all, the go-to apostolic legal authority in the upper echelons.

  4. Very disturbing findings from your digging. I wish you success in getting to the bottom of this. Thanks for taking the time to share what you have found.

    1. The bottom goes a long way down.

      And there are forces at work to prevent anyone from digging that deep.

      But I will keep giving it my best and reporting the results.

      Thanks for listening!


  5. At first this was an embarrassing and shameful coverup. Seems this is turning into an illegal coverup where laws are being broken.

    1. And now we have the Philander Smartt, III cover-up.

      The LDS Church did a good job covering up that story for over four years . . .

      . . . until somebody tipped off Peggy Fletcher-Stack at the Salt Lake Tribune!

      How many other filthy, nasty scrapes has the church covered up?

  6. Perhaps the church should pay you an undisclosed amount to stop your diggings. Have you been approach? Would you accept such an offer?

    Thanks for using my song recommendation as a closer.
    Any thoughts for what will be the next one?

    1. LOL!

      Nobody has approached me to try to get me to stop digging.

      And so nobody has offered me any money to get me to stop.

      As to whether I would accept such an offer, the answer is simple.

      No way!


  7. I very much enjoy your podcasts. Thank you, RFM.

    I like your style, your voice, the intro music, the photo of the radio guy behind enemy lines, and how you present the material in an orderly fashion that is easy to follow, as often there are distractions going around me when I listen to your podcast.

    What’s McKenna’s end game? Does she have a price? I’m thinking she may have one based on some of her comments in the original leaked audio. But I’m also guessing that the Church already tried to pay her off to keep her quiet. Isn’t that the Church’s first rule of business?

    Can you confirm they attempted to buy her silence?

    Maybe she’s done enough damage to the Church now that she will take a cool one million to drop the whole thing, making it a win win for her? Wondering how far she will go?

    I’ve heard of Gail Smith’s testimony from years ago where Tommy (S. Monson) tried to force himself sexually on her when he was serving as bishop. She fought back and he backed off. In today’s police state, I’m wondering when a video or audio will surface where a famous GA will be caught in the act.

    From pg 413 of Volume 2 of There are Save Two Churches Only:

    “In regards to Monson, I believe the testimony of Gail Smith. Her account has been circulated on the Internet somewhat, but I have spoken with her extensively, several times. When she was a young woman, Monson served as her bishop. She testified that at one time she rode in his car, and in a secluded area he pulled over and tried to sexually force himself on her. When she refused and fought back, he stated “Don’t you know I’m going to be the prophet some day?” (I can safely assume that this kind of ‘prophecy’ was not given to him by the Lord.) Gail got out of the vehicle and started walking away. Moments later, Monson pulled up along side her, apologized, and begged her to get back into the car, promising not to do anything except drive her home. She eventually conceded, and he drove her home.

    “Gail told me this from her own mouth. I believe her. She is not the least bit vindictive; she is forgiving.”

    1. My understanding is that after McKenna got her interview with Bishop on audio tape on December 2, 2017, she retained Craig Vernon to represent her.

      Craig Vernon approached the church’s lawyer, David Jordan, regarding a potential settlement.

      David Jordan did his massive research, compiled his dossier, and sent a seven-page letter to Craig Vernon saying why it was they would not be willing to consider resolving the matter with McKenna.

      That letter was dated 3/13/18.

      The audio-taped interview was leaked six days later on 3/19/18.

  8. The woman interviewed who was one of the victims, had said that there was no proof other than her word, and the abuser denied it.

    There was nothing the church leaders could use to justify action. It was the old “he said” “she said”. And the police also said there was nothing they could or would do since there was no evidence. So if we blame the church for not punishing him we should also blame the police and the whole government.

    I assume it really happened and it was horrible. There seems to be no action anyone can do to push the abuser. I am glad that God sees all and will ultimately punish him.

    1. Actually, the BYU-Police, once it was reported to them, did a pretty good investigation.

      The prosecutor, as well, would likely have filed charges against Bishop except for the fact the statute of limitations had expired.

      Now, what would have happened had Ron Leavitt reported this to police back in 1987 when McKenna first disclosed Bishop’s activities to him?

  9. just choose any name

    The theme here, probably repeated enough to be a motif, is that the BYU Police is acting in the interest of the LDS church and not necessarily under the structures of the law. This confuses me, Radio Free Mormon, as I would think the term “BYU Police” means the state police working in the boundaries of BYU. If not the state police, then another unit of public police, (city, county, etc) working in this area. There may be a West Valley Police, but they are still some public entity. How is it that the BYU Police report directly to the Mormon church and not to some public entity? The police should be a public entity and not a private entity. Of course, BYU has its own security force, and one may call this “police,” but one would not report a crime committed on private property just to the security of the property, but to the public authorities with jurisdiction over that site. If you are raped in a mall, you would not report that just to the mall authorities/security but also to the state police. If the BYU Police is under the control of the church, why aren’t we hearing what the independent police or investigators are saying? Was it not reported to them? Why not bypass the BYU Police? If not possible, then this is not only a crime against a particular victim but a systematic fault. What am I missing here?

    1. These are good questions, and are the subject of a lawsuit currently pending before the Third District Judge (I believe) in Utah.

      The lawsuit is brought by the Salt Lake Tribune in order to obtain by GRAMA email communications between the BYU Police Department and the Honor Code.

      The specific emails requested by the SLT have to do with communications regarding female BYU students who report sexual assault by male BYU students; said female students ending up being the subject of investigation and potential BYU discipline.

      My understanding is that Judge Scott heard oral argument today on the issue of whether BYU Police is subject to GRAMA, which turns on whether the BYU Police qualifies as a governmental agency.

      Judge Scott should be issuing her written ruling within the next sixty-days.

  10. I wonder how long it will take for us to wake up and see how out of order we are and have become. Our church was not set up for such a top-down corporate posture or profile. There weren’t even any weekly regulated Sacrament meetings at first. Now we sit in lockstep watching one another and wondering who will break with the truth and the gospel. Lol. Our church must feel very at War with some. Every everything we are is tied up in the way we operate corporately as a church. Where do you think this Church is going rfm?

    1. Not to hard to know of a surity. Even the Bible and BoM hold the answers top this. Every govt and church that revered men fell to those corrupt revered men. Every govt and church fell the same. Zoramites, King Noah, even the churches Jesus set up Himself… No exceptions and no super VIP free passes from Jesus on D&C 121 either. They constantly cross that line today too, and many other lines Jesus defined and told us to watch out for. Scriptures describe too well what the result is when men rule over others and demand reverence toward themselves, that you obey them and never question them, and set up barriers for feed back to them…. We could still listen to Jesus anway. It’s a test. Leaders don’t and won’t listen to Him or members and are thus on that predicted path Jesus told us to watch for. Ravening leaders in fine wool suits.
      Matt 7: 15-20
      Matt 23: 10-29
      1 Nephi 8: 5-9
      2 Nephi 28: 14-23
      Mormon 8: 32-41
      Ether 8: 24,25
      D&C 89: 2-4
      D&C 46: 4-8

      1. You are right that the LDS Church frequently quotes D&C 121 regarding unrighteous dominion and amen to the priesthood of that man.

        In fact, LDS church leaders quote this passage almost as much as they violate it.

    2. I think every indication is that the lawyers are running the LDS Church at this point.

      Which may be why Jesus had such trenchant remarks to make concerning lawyers in the New Testament.

    1. Getting “revelation” out of the LDS Church is like pulling teeth, I admit.

      But I’m doing my best!

  11. Just discovered Radio Free Mormon in the last 2 weeks. Love how in depth the commentary and research are in all 5 or 6 of the episodes I’ve listened to thus far. Will get through all of them shortly.

    This is a fabulous deconstruction of the LDS narrative. As with everything I’ve studied the last 4 years, the Church is typically on the wrong side of honesty and integrity.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, 1TruAggie!

      I hope you will find the other episodes to your liking, as well!

      Please feel free to share with friends and family on Facebook and through other venues.

      I think it important to get the word out to as many as possible.


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