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Cognitive Dissidents: 10: Tattle Tellers, Narcs, and Snitches

Today on the Cognitive Dissidents Podcast, We explore the Institutional mechanism of “Tattle Telling”.  We explore both the Formal mechanisms as well as the informal.  How High Demand Fundamentalist Religions incorporate ideas such as the internet being bad, that questions are good but doubts are bad, and how cultures of reporting people for discrediting the religious narrative are implemented. As usual we use Mormonism as the main example but also tough on Jehovah’s witness and Scientology as well.  In this episode we speak at length about FairMormon an organization that claims to answer the critics questions but in reality has acknowledged its main goal is to protect and defend the Mormon Church.  We show how its own Board member, John Lynch, admits that it is willing to collect and share information with the LDS Church, info that it has unique access to.


7 thoughts on “Cognitive Dissidents: 10: Tattle Tellers, Narcs, and Snitches”

  1. “Why would anyone leave?…” Uchdorf –
    great podcast and great montage for the outtro.
    Love that you re-use that
    If there are any false users monitoring this – can you give a high five to Elder Brent Nielsen for me. He + Pres Starley gave my dad, on his deathbed, a large picture of Christ. I look back and think – that must have been so awkward for you (Nielsen & Starley), the power in your pockets limited to the keys to your cars. I hear Bednar in my head, “Do you have the faith ‘not to be healed’?” AWKWARD
    That strong orthodox man had all the faith and trust in the world in you. Countless blessing and he was worn and tired. That old cowboy asked me his eldest to give a final blessing to “un-tie” the Lords hands from those previous blessing and let him go. I then got to clean up after you. Awesome.

    Just so we are clear. I do believe in miracles and healings. I put them in the realm of ‘gifts’ in that some a blessed with the gift of X while others are not. Piano is a gift I use often as an example. Sure it takes practice and work but still music is certainly a gift. Not all have it. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket but some can sing great. Healing is also a gift. Guess what these ‘gifts’ are not monopolistic Mormonism. Just because we had a lesson in EQ class and put some oil in a straw-like container doesn’t make us all healers. There are those that play great music outside the church and healers outside the church also.

    Perhaps we should have found a tribal Indian with a medicine wheel to take my dad and mom to.

    Bill sorry for this little rant. Its whats been on my mind.

  2. Bill,

    As long as we care about the church we are a member of and our goal is to make it a better place for everyone then I have no problem with constructive criticism.

    However some people don’t appreciate critical feedback, so the right time and setting must be offered.

    I suppose how would you like it if someone was constantly providing critical feedback of yourself. Worse yet offering feedback at a faster pace you can progress or self correct. Along with the critical feedback praise for the good it brings also must be provided because if it brings no good why be a member or part of it’s movement at all.

    I’ve been pushing the boundaries within my own ward and I received complaints against me and my intentions were called in to question. So I too to a much lesser extent have been on the receiving end than you have. I know it takes a lot of chutzpah to do what you do and I admire you for it, but at the same time I need to know and constantly be reminded of your motivations for doing least I and others begin to see you as an enemy to the church rather than a loving friend and member.

  3. Bill,…you are bringing the heat mate.

    Love the cast.

    I’ve heard you be direct, and this is certainly one of those. FARMS is a spy network, and they justify it.

    “…this work is a fraud” Gordon Hinckley.


  4. I wonder if they would spy on Jesus and challenge Him to cease and desist his constant questioning and unchanging truths?
    Oh, that’s what pharisees are supposed to do?

    Isn’t the best way to sustain leaders and protect their good name and protect the good name of the church to:
    1- Require members and especially leaders to Sustain Jesus Christ (and only have faith in leaders)?
    2- Require both members and especially leaders to be “honest in your dealings with your fellowmen?”

    Or we could just handle it like Pharisees?

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