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Cognitive Dissidents: 11: Gaslighting

Today on the Cognitive Dissidents Podcast we discuss Gaslighting. What it is, where it originates and how it is a deeply unethical mechanism that institutions use to shield themselves from accountability.  We then use Mormonism as an example and run through 4 major issues wherein Mormonism uses Gaslighting.  We use the article “Mormons, you aren’t going crazy — it’s called gaslighting” as the foundation for this episode



3 thoughts on “Cognitive Dissidents: 11: Gaslighting”

  1. Yup, but how can the membership of the church hold the leaders accountable to it when the leaders and decision makers are outside the stake circles, even Area Authorities ’70 don’t have much say in this regard. Perhaps only the first quorum of the 70 and only then those in charge of the correlation department & strengthening the members committee who are publicly unknown.

    The Q15 have a very hard time keeping everything together and relies on a key members from the Presidency of the 70 + a select few to control a very power branch of the church that is outside the Church and so at times when things go wrong there is a plausible deniability. Who exactly is running the whole show again?

    I suppose that the way church is doing things is probably the best for the entire organization as a whole and it it’s impossible to keep everyone happy. Until a critical mass reaches a breaking point transparency will not be a policy of the LDS church. Yet its doing the best it can with the Joseph Smith papers and there is no other church out there as transparent as our church (when you factor total membership size).

  2. Just wanted to let you know, if you didn’t already, that the gospel topics essays are also now on the lds gospel library app! So you don’t have to tell people to Google it, which can be scary, you (and other TBMs that you talk to!) can find them in another super “safe” location :). Thanks for the great episode on Gaslighting. My exec sec texted me last night and this morning asking if I can meet with a bishopric member for an interview (my temple recommend expires at the end of the month), and I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do, whether to avoid it completely or face it head on and how to bring up the reasons I’ve not been attending lately or wearing my garments. This might help?

  3. Gaslighting is certainly abuse. Christ’s anointed bullies?
    The 4 steps of Repentance would be welcome, resulting in honesty in dealings with fellowmen? Or, would it be better to continue the “VIP free pass,” for some abusers?

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