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Marriage On A Tightrope: 012: Question and Answer

Listeners submitted common questions and comments they receive from their spouse, friends, and family members about their faith transition and mixed faith marriage.  Allan and Kattie try to answer the questions the best they can from their experience.

Disclaimer: Allan and Kattie speak from their experience and are not giving professional advice or counseling.


4 thoughts on “Marriage On A Tightrope: 012: Question and Answer”

  1. Aren’t weekly date nights expensive?
    How do you manage with all the expenses?

    Could you list some options for cheap date nights?

    1. They certainly can be expensive….Our oldest is now to the point where we can leave him in charge, for a few hours at a time. So that helps significantly. We’re a classic dinner and a movie type of date night couple, but love to just go out and walk/talk, do game nights with friends, that sort of thing. We’re simple people =P

  2. Scare tactics? Well, Yes. It’s simply Not Jesus’ plan to charge us money and undying obedience (to fallible men, in His name – what He warned us against, over and over) and jump through contradictory hoops of men to gain salvation and a forever family… Fear and coercion? Sounds a bit like the other brother’s plan? Dogmatic Saint’nism?

  3. Allan and Kattie,

    I love your podcast and can hear your vulnerability in answering unscripted questions about your beliefs and where you are at in your life together. Kattie, I salute you for your willingness to go through this journey with Allen, especially with your kids as young as they are.

    My testimony started to waiver in my 30’s but I kept it quiet from my TBM spouse because she would have left me in order to “save” our children. Our four children decided on their own one by one that the church was not for them and have all chosen different paths far outside the Mormon box. Now in my 50’s I have opened up to my wife that I am no longer an Orthodox believer. I attend Sacrament Meeting with her, but nothing else. I love coffee, and love my authentic life now that I have told my wife, kids, and Bishopric how I feel about the Church based on unsettling Church history. My Bishopric has been loving and kind, but have been very clear that they “don’t want to know” what I have learned by reading and acceptable church historical records.

    It has been a tough road for my wife. I wish I could have made it easier for her, but I realize there is a huge community of people out here in very similar situations trying to save marriages and family relationships. The best thing we have done as a married couple is accept our kids for all their life choices and have maintained a very close relationship with all of them. We now have 5 grandkids that are being raised outside of the church and we have no expectation to “fix” the situation or enlighten them to Mormonism. We love them as our grandchildren and count our blessings to have a close family.

    Thanks for putting yourselves out there. It is not easy but I’m sure you will be better off going through this journey together.



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