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Mormon Awakenings: UPDATE

Jack Naneek announces his temporary leave from Mormon Awakenings and reasoning for taking down Episode 40.


6 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: UPDATE”

  1. Gosh, missed it. Damn.
    Oh well. You’re a True Hero in my book.

    May life be kind to you where ever you go. Cheers.
    Hope you do choose to come back, but we understand life gets in the way. I would be satisfied with once a month frequency.

  2. What a bummer, Jack. I’ve enjoyed every one of your episodes. You’ll be missed and I hope you return sooner rather than later.

  3. Happy trails, Jack. I’m wishing you all you need to successfully complete your projects and come back with more great podcasts. Best of everything to you. xx

  4. We need to bring another person on board that is pro staying active in the church “Leading with faith”. Least the balance of the podcast leans to far on the progressive side.

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