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Mormon History Podcast: 013: Indoctrinate To Hate

Today I discuss indoctrination from the past and how essentially, they taught the LDS Youth to hate.

Read through some of the 1866 Juvenile Instructor magazines here:[]=year%3A%221866%22


12 thoughts on “Mormon History Podcast: 013: Indoctrinate To Hate”

  1. What is the reference to the juvenile instructor? What volume etc? Very fascinating. You should cover more on what is found within the pages of the Juvenile instructor.

  2. You went off the rails today. I’ve really liked your podcasts but today you showed weakness. There was a “saucy” moment when you made broad and extreme generalities about complex issues. It was about a paragraph in length. Whoops.

    1. MormonHistoryPodcast

      @Todd. It’s bound to happen 🙂 What in particular was broad and extreme? I would like to address or provide any other resources to statements that were made. Thanks for listening!

      1. “…no wonder the Mountain Meadows massacre happened, you know, Brigham Young hated America..”

        I was listening to this on my commute this morning. At 12 minutes I noticed the snark that built into a rant, the sweeping statements. I said to myself he’s going off the rails. I don’t need your evidence. I get the evidence. I get the exasperation. I was happy at the end when you apologized for your “sauciness.” Anyhow, I’ve enjoyed your work.

        1. I agree partially with the comparisons being a little much. However, after reading Grant Palmer’s last book and the opening of the Council of 50 minutes, it is true to a degree that BY really did hate America. There were discussions and teachings justifying robbing those who were not LDS or outside of their Zion.

          There were insurrection plans made AND CARRIED OUT to incite the indians to riot, join with the LDS people, and overthrow the government. This is sedition…or so the book Grant rote found evidence of.

          So yeh…its not a big stretch to say BY hated America. He certainly felt justified in sedition and other things. And the rhetoric taught justified some evil things.

          1. Yes, agreed. But the situation was very complex and I balked at the random interjections.

  3. Baffling – I can remember hearing a talk on tape by John Bytheway about the Ammon story chopping the arms off and the BoM statement ‘beginning to be astonished.’ John laughingly calls that the understatement of the BoM. I didn’t come up with the perspective but I agree with you – chopping off limbs or a head is a crazy thing to be the actions of ‘the good guy.’

  4. Well done. Bringing to light obscure facts.
    For this I applaud you very much.

    Scriptures teaches us the complexities of justified killing and how there may be extreme situations where this is required. So it’s a needed teaching.

    Lamanite topic is a complex one, which by today standards is unacceptable.

    1. MormonHistoryPodcast

      @ David,
      I agree that there are justifications for self defense and even elimination of someone so evil, However, when it comes to scriptures, there are quite a few things that it teaches which are harmful.

      As always, thanks for listening!

  5. As much as I have dislike for BY I’m not so sure he hated the “Indians”. Read the Council of 50 minutes. Also read some of Christopher C. Smith’s latest work on the subject. The members in general in Utah kind of forced him into that position.

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