Mormon Wellness Project: 021: One Man Standing: Spencer W. Kimball

Forty years ago this June, the president and prophet of the Mormon church received what he believed was revelatory confirmation of something he had been earnestly seeking, the ending of the church’s long-standing policy of restricting people of African heritage from full participation in the LDS church. Previous to this event, blacks could be baptized and attend church with other members but not attain leadership positions or be allowed to participate in high ordinances performed in LDS temples.  This episode focuses on three main precursors leading up to the “all worthy males” revelation.  Wendy documents the complexity of the man who would lead the church in abandoning some of its racist traditions. In 1978, with courage, compassion and quiet determination Spencer W. Kimball became a man for the ages. May we all be as brave.

And may the force be with you.  -May 4, 2018


4 thoughts on “Mormon Wellness Project: 021: One Man Standing: Spencer W. Kimball

  1. Very good info, thanks again! I think 3 things make it very hard to correct the many errors we see piled up throughout church history, some still not corrected to this day:
    1- Leaders who can’t lead us astray.
    2- Leaders who indisputably speak for God/Christ.
    3- Changing the Lord’s Law of Common Consent into “the law of coerced consent.”

    How Do we get ourselves back Out of such corners we’ve painted ourselves into, which just keep painting us into more and more corners?

    Honesty is the only way out (“Honest in their dealings with their fellow men” too, and adherence to D&C 121: 33-46 – No VIP Free Passes? OK, that was numbers 4, 5 and 6).

    That’s really tough to correct (apologize and repent of: “The Church does not apologize.” – number 7…) with so much pride at stake and such a far fall down to the level of mere mortals, fallible, mistaken, humble men and women?

  2. Did anyone catch the voice of Kimball talking about ANNAKINS!?

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