Mormon Wellness Project: 022: Mother’s Day Special: Aurelia Spencer Rogers who?

In this special tribute to Aurelia Spencer Rogers, founder of the Primary (children’s) organization for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Wendy shares a bit of the story. She also points out that a woman who has influenced millions of Mormons around the world garnered a mere eight sentences on her main LDS.org bio. Wendy expresses her frustration at this and calls for changes. But she does it ever so nicely, cause mothers are like that.

Heroines of the Restoration. Smith, Barbara B., Thatcher, Blythe Darlyn. Salt Lake City, Utah: Bookcraft. 1997. p. 184. OCLC 37531976.

 Church History in the Fulness of Times, rev. ed., Salt Lake City: LDS Church, 1993, p. 410.

If you know a woman who has changed your life and never received the credit she deserved, would you consider making a donation in her honor at www.mormondiscussions.org. Please help keep this woman’s voice going. I can’t do it without you! You can make a difference for the woman of the future. Support female podcasters. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Mormon Wellness Project: 022: Mother’s Day Special: Aurelia Spencer Rogers who?

  1. I was hoping that you would present more details. I stead, it seemed that whole point of the podcast was to scold Church members for not knowing much about the woman.

    • I’m not sure how you got that message from this podcast. I never scold members (well leaders are members I guess) about anything. But you are 100% right. There is little detail in this podcast about ASR and how the Primary all got started. Isn’t that annoying? And that’s my point. The members shouldn’t have to rely on this little old podcaster to do the research work, write, and produce an episode that tells the whole story. It should be all there for them on LDS. org.
      My other point was to show how even the little info that was there was written with a specific narrative. The blurb isn’t there to honor her but to emphasize the imperative that it all was properly done under the auspices of the priesthood. Also, the fact that her “revelation” or answer to prayer, or however you want to phrase it, is not mentioned, is a glaring indictment.
      Hey, it was Mother’s Day. I wanted it to be short. Plus, I and I have a bunch a kids, including a disabled one, so I get to say whatever I want to on Mother’s Day. That’s my rule.
      But thank you for listening and I hope you listen to other episodes of mine that have a lot more detail. I do appreciate the comment and the chance to rant even more! Honestly, Thomas, thank you man. Also I put some links to other sources for those of you who want more info about Aurelia. Maybe someday I’ll get to that too.

  2. Awesome thanks. Loved the music and the clip at the very end!!

    • Thank you! I know, right! Growing up Glen Campbell was the man in our home! add in Steve Wariner, beautiful.

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