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Mormon Discussion: 303: Conscience over Outer Authorities

Today On Mormon Discussion, Bill Reel dives into the idea once you grasp how fallible modern Church leaders are, taking the next step to grasp at just how fallible ancient servants of God were.  Once one wrestles with that the discussion turns to how much trust one should place in God’s servants who are in a lower developmental stage and whose fruits are involve as much error as inspiration.


5 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion: 303: Conscience over Outer Authorities”

  1. Bill,

    This episode is 100% pure Gold. You helped me claim and stand up for my inner authority.

    And you know well, that I am no yes men to all your views and perspectives.

    But I do hope you know that I love you so.

    1. My personal experience says the current system will not change. This makes this podcast valuable to the one who struggles to follow what they know is right in the face of ‘Leadership’ saying something different. It took me years but I am happy to report I finally got out from beneath oppressive leaders and followed what the Lord was saying.

  2. I’m bothered by Brigham Young on many levels but have to admit I’m getting more bothered by Bill pronouncincing the name wrong “Bring ham” Young? Come on Bill, are we now to sort through your intent as well as the church leaders? Please don’t resort to mockery, keep your integrity, these discussions are way too important to make cheap.

  3. Bill I loved your podcast Conscience over Outer Authorities

    I was wondering if you could offer a list of the major things that Joseph Fielding Smith taught which are now not true or false. I would be interested in looking at that and I think It would be helpful in understanding this podcast you did

  4. I concur: 100% gold. Thank you for all the clarity and openness. You have created a great resource podcast for me and many others I am sure. Critical thinking is a joy to listen to. Namaste Bill.

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