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Radio Free Mormon: 042: Church Sex Scandal Part 3 – The Appeal

Radio Free Mormon updates us on his search for more fully un-redacted records on the Joseph Bishop Sex Abuse scandal updates us on his appeal to BYU Chief of Police Larry Stott.  The main focus of this episode centers around BYU’s concerted effort to play the official-ness of their Police Department both ways.    When it plays in BYU’s favor, they like to argue they are an extension of the government and when it hurts them, they like to claim to not be a government agency.  As a judge seems to recently indicate when dealing with BYU police on the very issue of their compliance with GRAMA laws…. You can’t have your cake and eat it too!!!!


Salt Lake Tribune’s article on Upcoming Judge’s ruling on BYU GRAMA case

Salt Lake Tribune’s Should BYU Police be subject to GRAMA

KUTV’s coverage of Judge’s upcoming ruling


6 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 042: Church Sex Scandal Part 3 – The Appeal”

  1. I don’t know a lot about law, but I expect this case has a strong possibility of being dismissed. But, one of the consequences the church may not like, is now that McKenna has come out and told her story, there may be others who may do the same.

    This is not isolated. There are abuses that have happened all over, and I believe they continue to happen. The LDS church correlates everything, including having a very effective way to protect itself from accountability at all levels.

    OH..BTW…the titles for your future pod-casts have me VERY anticipatory. Can’t wait to hear them!!!

    1. McKenna’s case may indeed be dismissed for statute of limitations problems.

      I will have to reserve judgment at this time; mainly because I am aware of other cases that are even older that have not been dismissed on the same motion.

      I do not practice in this area of law, so I don’t know all the ins-and-outs, but I think there is a lot more to the issue than a simple calculations of months and years since it happened.

      We will wait and see.

      Regardless of the judge’s ruling, I expect this one issue will be appealed by the losing side.

      I just hope that the elderly witnesses (such as Bishop and Wells) do not pass away in the meantime.

  2. Oh, no surprises here at all! Christ’s Anointed Bullies are entitled to “the means justify the ends.”
    By their fruits…?

  3. McKenna’s case may well be dismissed on this motion, or perhaps not.

    I am aware of even older cases not being dismissed on the same basis (statute of limitations).

    So there is a lot more that goes into the calculation than a simple counting of years since it happened.

    Regardless, I expect the losing side will appeal.

    I just hope the elderly witnesses (such as Bishop and Wells) do not pass away in the meantime.

  4. Wait. Didn’t the Church, as an excuse for not doing anything about the MTC rape, say they didn’t have access to the same information and resources as law enforcement. If, as argued by BYU’s lawyer, university police is an agency of BYU, and BYU is owned by the Church, then the Church’s argument fails. Not only does the Church have the same resources and information as law enforcement, IT HAS ITS OWN LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY! Am I missing something?

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