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Mormon Discussion: 300: SEERS

Today On Mormon Discussion, We discuss Seers.  What is a Seer within the Old Testament.  How does the Book of Mormon frame such a word.  What is Jesus as heard through the D&C stating?  How about Moroni as a spiritual post-mortal being?  How does the modern Church today define a Seer?  And lastly is the statement that “President Monson is a Seer” different from “we sustain President Monson as a seer”?


4 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion: 300: SEERS”

  1. It’s settled. Joseph was a Seer others are only sustained as such.
    Thanks for articulating my conclusions which I think the entire church shares (silently).

  2. 300th podcast! Wonderful, Bill! I mean it, I’m going to contribute to this great cause (truth with NO bullying = the True Jesus) as soon as I can get a small “break to do it.
    Thanks, as always!

    Our “seer stones” still remain Unused. If God has removed this gift, he has removed His seers from us, for reasons of worthiness and qualification? Repentance by leaders (“The church does not apologize (repent).”) and cleansing pride would do this?

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