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The Mythical Jesus: 004: Mark 1:9-11 Jesus’ Baptism Was His Experience

In Episode 4 We take a look at Mark 1:9-11 and the baptism of Jesus.  We talk about how in this earliest recounting of Jesus baptism it is an entirely individual experience to Jesus.  How only later do other authors make this story branch out as evidence of Jesus’ authority and calling.  We discuss the freedom that should be present and which comes naturally in later developmental stages to feel empowered to interpret one’s own spiritual experiences without forcing them through the imposed lenses that others hand us.

This Podcast utilizes the New Living Translation to take advantage of its contemporary language if for no other reason.  The mission of this podcast is to help listeners explore the deep shift from Ego-Centricity to Cosmic-Centricity while also coming to a deeper appreciation of the Jesus of the New Testament as an incredible example of what that development looks like.


2 thoughts on “The Mythical Jesus: 004: Mark 1:9-11 Jesus’ Baptism Was His Experience”

  1. Once again you have struck Gold Bill, at least for me.
    This is empowering at an individual, and it makes sense to say that was his experience when my experience was different.

    My cool spiritual experience didn’t come at baptism or receiving the holy ghost, it was while reading the book of Mormon. I believe unequivocally that God told me to walk the Mormon path.

    Which I did and have, but I’m glad to be walking it on my terms, and I will allow for others to do the same, even though at times we want everyone to experience that which we have experienced.

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