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Mormon History Podcast: 015: Strong Handed Council

Today, we discuss what is behind a redacted document in the Brigham Young Files.

Redacted Document

Transcription Found


3 thoughts on “Mormon History Podcast: 015: Strong Handed Council”

  1. Thanks for digging for us! Hiding truth and commanding the saints to “Obey Us! Don’t question Us!” are the root of all LDS problems (the other brother’s plan?).

  2. Looking forward to sources on this. With the latest understanding of the scribal shorthand that is connected with BY there is suspect translation with respect to many 19th century transcripts. I’m curious why this important fact is not mentioned as background to your podcast with respect to quotes, meetings and discourses associated with BY. The latest work by LaJean Carruth with respect to George Watts use of a special type of shorthand and the mis translations that are being discovered should at least be considered when we analyze these old documents…..especially associated with BY.

    I’m not clear in this podcast who the scribes or recorders are. But, actual word for word dictation of meeting notes and/or discources for the era of time referenced in this can have very subjective leanings. Obviously, our presentism and use of terms today would be very different than then with respect to idioms and other cultural language. Such differences could also explain the shocking rhetoric and language used in these early church documents. Of course the Church would be hesitant to release such artifacts that would be of a vulgar nature and may have suspect interpretation. Without recording devices that are of current use today all early church documents will be of a suspect nature and must be understood with caution.

    In summary I have always been somewhat suspicious, to some extent, with the idea these old church documents are truly containing the actual words and intent that we may suppose they do. I’m not nearly concerned with the accuracy of the dead prophets as I’m concerned with those living in my time. I’ll leave that past for those who actually experinced it and let them be the judges. Thanks.

    1. MormonHistoryPodcast

      Dale, I have uploaded the sources. I think the church may have removed the original source but I saved it to my computer and uploaded it to 🙂

      Regarding the rest of your comments, the scribes are most likely someone in the council of 12 or 70. With that said, I am suspect of the transcription or minutes. Sure it isn’t going to be 100% word for word, but it is enough to know what was said.

      I can see the pitman shorthand having issues but I feel there would be less issues with stuff not written in any shorthand. As always, we are left to decide.

      I have had a Stake President say “We don’t know what Brigham Young meant or if that is what he actually said” referring to something and for me that isn’t a valid argument especially when there are personal letters back and forth from Brigham Young and others that say exactly the same thing.

      I love history and finding interesting documents / stories and will continue to seek them out. Thanks for listening!

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