Mormon Wellness Project: 027: The Long Awaited Day: Wendy Perry Unscripted

formerly listed as episode 26*****trigger warning–contains unvarnished dialogue and quotes from church leaders regarding race which may be disturbing to some listeners. Language may not be appropriate for all ages.

In honor of the 40 year anniversary celebration in Salt Lake City today, June 1 2018 commemorating the 1878 revelation which “allowed” blacks of African descent to be ordained to the priesthood in the Mormon church, Wendy tells you what she really thinks about at least one event leading up to this day, an article in the Ensign.  Roots the miniseries? Why should blacks have been excited about genealogy? Why do Mormon publications continue to lay on the mortice of the “some future day” doctrine which is completely enmeshed with racism, and  yet refuse to apologize for past writings. Instead, the church prefers to move on and forget about it all. So why the endless pronouncements containing tiny excepts from very long, extremely racist quotes and speeches by former prophets tied to the past? Wendy uses specific examples to highlight this type of “Cherry-picking” of quotes.

*Use of dialects is not intended to cast aspersions on any person or  particular part of the country, world, or universe. and not even to make fun of anyone, it’s just my way of staying sane in a world that in my opinion grows increasingly void of  logic, reason, and adequate rational for anything it does. WP

Topics: Ensign article regarding “Some future day” or something like that. June 2018




19 thoughts on “Mormon Wellness Project: 027: The Long Awaited Day: Wendy Perry Unscripted

  1. Wendy, I hope that vent helped you. Your antics gave me quite a few laughs – not that this isn’t a serious subject.It is a crazy topic.

    I know a good therapist if you need to talk with one! 🙂

  2. Fantastic comment. You made my day! Yes i feel better! Thank you. Wendy

  3. I have a hard time appreciating the point you are trying to get across when the tone is one that lacks charity for past perspectives.

    While it’s true everything was dripping with racism, so was the entire culture. The pieces are obviously of man trying to self justify the existing racism.

    Remember just because you can’t make of sense of it doesn’t mean that other people did. In case you couldn’t tell, I didn’t like this episode.

    • Thanks for commenting. aren’t prophets in the church supposed to be “better than the world”, “dripping with racism”? I din’t understand the fourth sentence there.

      • No, prophets are no better than ourselves even if the church and perhaps themselves like to think they are.

        • David, Prophets are higher and more loved by Jesus (worshipable?) than lowly members? Maybe THAT is that why Jesus defies His own words and gives them a VIP Free Pass to bully others for Jesus, lie for the Lord, and the right to pass on sustaining Jesus first if they feel that Anointed Men are above him, and to not pay tithing on their non-existent “church income” and no need to be honest in their dealings with their fellowmen (lowly members) (D&C 121: 33-46?)? Did I miss anything?

          By their fruits? Or is that, “BUY their fruits,” obey and don’t question Them, like jesus said?

  4. Wendy,

    I fully appreciate the point you were making, and the sound of your shuffling papers while rambling about this celebratory garbage is so apropos.

    It’s an apt parallel to members wading through the dung heap of LDS racism. The leaders ask them to focus on the bits that might reflect a little sunlight while ignoring all the sh*t that’s getting on everyone.

    The message recognizing this 40 year marker should be sackcloth and ashes.

    It is now my goal at some point in my life to quote you in regards to the balm of Gilead .


    I Usually listen to podcasts at 1.5 speed, but I had to slow this one down to 1.0x.

    • Yes, please quote me! “It’s what I live for”. thank you for your well thought out comment and for slowing it down, that’s funny. wp

  5. Also, a great follow up to your episode on cogdis. See what Brigham said? He said they would get more! We weren’t really that racist after all….


  6. My favorite Mormon related podcast ever. Love your approach, love your antics, love your accents. I wish you would do something like this every day. Rock On Wendy!

  7. Dear Wendy,

    I enjoyed this podcast. You have great insight, and I have learned from all of your messages.

    David brought up the perspective of past culture which certainly should always be considered in discussing racism, but I’m not sure it should be used to justify my own past racist feelings or those of men who claim to be prophets of God.

    The message I got from this podcast was that your frustration was more from the present church leaders willingness to hide the past racism by selecting a line of two from a horrible racist speech, and spin it as something else.

    They seem to want to make us believe that Brigham Young, Harold B. Lee, and other prophets were just humble servants waiting patiently for the “long awaited day” when a racist God would take away the Priesthood Ban. They were never racist themselves or made racist speeches.

    I followed the link to Brigham Young’s talk to the legislature in 1852. What a terrible speech full of demeaning words to anyone of color. How sad that the present leaders, instead of truly apologizing, find just the right phrase to make Brigham Young and others look so good and non-racist.

    One last comment. I was not offended by your energy and anger over this subject. However, I feel your repeated use of the F-word took away from the potential power this podcast may have had.

    I am 68 and grew up all my life around swearing. I like swear words. My older brother and I used to sit for hours and listen to the mechanics at Grandpa’s garage so we could learn a few new expletives. However, we both chose to never use the F-word. My brother was a much better swearer than me, but without ever discussing it, we both did not like to use the F-word. For me it is a form of verbal rape.

    I realize that the F-word is even more commonly used now, along with multiple variations of it—Freaking, fricking, etc.—but I find all of them offensive. For me, and I suspect others of my generation, the F-word or its variations only demean both the speaker and those it might be directed at.

    Keep your energy and outrage, but for me, another way of expressing it would be better.

    Thanks for all your great work.

    Joe Bingham

    • Joseph Bingham – you gave quite a few positive or encouraging comments of the podcast that lead me to think you listened to all of it despite the use of the F Bomb. Perhaps you should have used it as the opposite of a safe word and shut off the episode. I understand the word can be over used on the high seas or under the hood of a car but some times there no other word that gives your message the umph needed.
      Based on your imagery I suggest getting an audible rape kit done.

      Wendy. I think your podcast was great. I can appreciate the frustration with a little kicking and screaming. Even a momma bear growls at the cubs from time to time. Keep it up.
      Also appreciate references in show notes. Not always able to take notes while listening and doing yard work.

  8. Yes you got it! I want the church to keep going but not keep the unhealthiness! Don’t worry my swearing was a one time release in honor of the blanking celebration. Thank you so much!

  9. Thanks Wendy, I feel so much better after listening to you. You expressed your frustration (and the frustration of so many others). It was like a great old radio program done in 2018. Well done! Great insight. Certain words in your “presentation” (hey, they know who they are!) communicated perfectly how you feel. Wouldn’t have been as effective without them. It’s probably best that you did this podcast before you heard Dallin Oaks’ throwing God under the bus at the BE ONE (be one what?) celebration of “We ain’t racist anymore” last night. Run for something, I’ll vote for you.

  10. Steve, thank you so much. Its a hard journey trying to find a voice in podcasting. I think im getting there! So you taking the time to respond means so much!
    Omg you are right. I didnt watch it! I couldn’t. I will someday but i know the talk to which you refer. (Notice my great grammar there). I feel another pidcast coming on!!
    Email me if you have topics you would like covered. Thanks for listening and thanks again for caring enough to comment. always looking for guests as well. Wp

    • Hi Wendy, JA and I are excited to meet with you Monday!

      See you then. H

  11. Wendy, this podcast was masterful!

    I have been in my car driving long distances over the last few days and have listened to it several times. I appreciated your “bad mood” in navigating through all the racist BS that church leaders have spewed for 150+ years. If anyone spoke out during their tenure of leadership, those members would have been shunned and labeled apostates. I also appreciated Bill Reel’s review of the Be One event and the Public Relations spin that Dallin Oaks delivered that evening.

    I have a relative who worked at the Church Office Building at the time of the “so called” 1978 revelation. She was counseled to “burn any journals and notes that she may have kept during the weeks leading up to the revelation” because the records would show that the revelation was driven by outside societal pressures and not from a revelation to Spencer W. Kimball. I fully believe President Kimball spent time in the upper room of the Temple asking God for insight about Blacks and the Priesthood. However, I think he was joined by his counselors and church lawyers to write up the “results” of his supplication. It’s the only logical answer.

    Thanks for your podcast and research to find the details you share. Keep up the great work!

  12. Oh, My, Goth! Those fetchin dirty doggone cherry-pickin smorgasbordin dogs! Gonna go grab me some Ham with some brown Cain sugar on it to calm my frazzled cognitive dissonanced mind so I can go “back to LDS sleep” while counting all the sheeple in Ewe-tah.

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