Mormon History Podcast: 016: Angels and Water Walkers

Today a share a couple stories from an Ohio newspaper from 1834 and 1835 regarding Angels at Baptisms and Preachers walking on water.




One thought on “Mormon History Podcast: 016: Angels and Water Walkers

  1. Especially interesting for me in light of a high councilman’s talk in my ward a few months ago. He gave the tired old narrative that the internet contains lies and half-truths about the Church. He pointed to his son on a mission who was teaching someone who cited to the story about the logs and drowning, but said it was Joseph Smith. The moral of the story was that the person speaking to his son was an idiot for believing something so outrageous on the internet. The story was demonstrably false since we know that Joseph Smith did not die this way. Hearing the original sourced story not attributed to Joseph Smith thickens the plot a bit.

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