Mormon Wellness Project: 031: Surviving Abuse: Maggie’s Story

*Wendy talks with Maggie about some life events involving the sexual abuse of herself and her sister by a close relative in the home. As a new member of the church she sought help from her Bishop.  *Trigger warning. Contains discussion of sexual abuse.


2 thoughts on “Mormon Wellness Project: 031: Surviving Abuse: Maggie’s Story

  1. Great podcast!

    I am not so charitable to D. Todd Christofferson as you or your guest.

    Elder Christofferson’s conduct toward your guest is inexcusable, even if it was the 1970’s.

    Below is a summary of his career in the 1960s and early 1970s.

    As a lawyer, Christofferson worked in Washington, D.C.; Nashville, Tennessee; Herndon, Virginia; and Charlotte, North Carolina.

    Christofferson was the associate general counsel for NationsBank in Charlotte and was the volunteer chairman of Affordable Housing of Nashville, Tennessee.

    Christofferson clerked for Judge John J. Sirica during the Watergate trials.

    Just my two cents . . .

  2. RFM, Your point is well taken and and would serve as a counter claim to any argument that a few victims may fall through the cracks due to the relative ineptitude of some serving as Bishops. If we add to the calculus not only Bishop Christopherson’s gravitas as a legal mind but also the weight of his ecclesiastical status as a future apostle, what do we have but the best of the best? If what he offered what his “best” then what can we expect from Bishop’s with lesser “credentials”?

    I also doubt the point is missed on the listener that if legal or church disciplinary action had been taken then the nightmarish future awaiting the younger sister could never have happened.

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