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Radio Free Mormon—After Dark: 46: The McKenna Denson Interview Part 1

McKenna Denson found early on that she had someone who believed her story. That person was Radio Free Mormon. From that moment on RFM has sought to help her and all of us get to the bottom of what the Church and the Police continue to hide. No one has helped us understand this story like Radio Free Mormon. And tomorrow morning his 2 part interview with McKenna Denson will release to the general public!!!! On one side RFM asks questions in his lawyerly fashion to get to the bottom of this case, and McKenna tells the story from her mouth. You won’t want to miss this!!!!

Radio Free Mormon—After Dark: The McKenna Denson Interview


8 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon—After Dark: 46: The McKenna Denson Interview Part 1”

  1. Great Interview.

    One question from a non-lawyer:
    If there is a pending investigation, why are the interviews public record?

    1. There is no pending criminal investigation because the prosecutor determined in late December 2017 that the statute of limitations had expired and the investigation was closed at that point.

      Good question!

  2. The Ray Charles song at the end was SUPER TACKY!

    Also, you interrupt TOO MUCH, and you led the women with leading questions. You should have let her tell her own story.

    Nevertheless, it’s been an interesting interview.

    1. Me? SUPER TACKY? Surely you jest!!!

      Sometimes I have to interrupt to bring people back to an important point of the story they inadvertently skipped over.

      Glad you found it interesting!

  3. RFM, brilliant work, thank you. It’s so interesting to hear her story and fill in the many gaps in the narrative that I had pieced together in the media–like why was she called to Columbia, was in DC and finished in Wisconsin?

    Was her lawyer nervous about her doing this interview in light of the ongoing litigation?

    1. Thanks, Felix!

      I think her lawyer understands that he has only so much control over McKenna; that she is going to go out there and tell her truth and make sure people hear it instead of having it restricted to smoke-filled rooms where nobody is the wiser.

      But you should know I contacted her attorney prior to recording the interview and promised him I would let him listen to it and make any changes he felt necessary prior to publishing it.

      He listened to both parts and gave the green light the Thursday before they were released.

      With no changes.

  4. 1) Mormon women would never have sex of any kind before marriage so…
    2) It’s always “date rape”
    3) No bruises. No torn clothing. No screams=”date rape”

  5. Not sure you’ll see this, but I found it funny that I knew you were going to say what you did about Ballard’s blessing not working, the moment you brought up his position in the church, or lack thereof. Almost verbatim. Definitely had a good laugh about it.

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