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Radio Free Mormon—After Dark: 47: The McKenna Denson Interview Part 2

McKenna Denson found early on that she had someone who believed her story. That person was Radio Free Mormon. From that moment on RFM has sought to help her and all of us get to the bottom of what the Church and the Police continue to hide. No one has helped us understand this story like Radio Free Mormon. And tomorrow morning his 2 part interview with McKenna Denson will release to the general public!!!! On one side RFM asks questions in his lawyerly fashion to get to the bottom of this case, and McKenna tells the story from her mouth. You won’t want to miss this!!!!

Radio Free Mormon—After Dark: The McKenna Denson Interview


5 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon—After Dark: 47: The McKenna Denson Interview Part 2”

  1. McKenna and Radio Free,

    Your interview was so informative and thoughtful. McKenna, thank you for your willingness to share such personal info to help right a wrong that was done to you —as well as to help expose one more path that the Mormon church will take in order to cover the ass of one of its powerful priesthood leaders, leaving the rest of us in the dust.

  2. RFM, why the song choice “The Mess Around” song? Some think it kind of inappropriate given the nature of what Bishop did. Or if I’m off base, could you please explain? What made you choose the song? If you don’t mind me asking. But sure do love the song choice of “One Voice”, perfecto!!

    Appreciate how the interview was precise with many details explained, good job RFM. And McKenna, I appreciate your taking a stand against sexual abuse. More need to come forward. You’re a brave lady!

    1. I came up with “The Mess Around” because of what McKenna said at the beginning of Part 1 about my not giving off the Ray Charles image.

      I thought it was funny.

      I’m bent that way.

      I also cleared it with McKenna before using it.

      She thought it was funny, too.

      I guess I could always have closed off with Bill’s new rap song . . .

      Thanks for listening!

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