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Marriage on a Tightrope: 014: An Unexpected Update

A few emotional conversations lead to this unexpected update from Kattie and Allan


6 thoughts on “Marriage on a Tightrope: 014: An Unexpected Update”

  1. Kattie and Allan,

    Thanks very much for your openness on today’s podcast. I don’t think anyone has a clue how wide and deep this problem is when a spouse begins their journey into a faith transition. Thank God for brave couples like you, and many others that are interviewed on Mormon Stories and other podcast sites so that people can realize they are not alone.

    It is so important for people to know they have a community to relate to, and hopefully they can keep their marriages together while still being respectful of each other’s beliefs and faith journeys.

    Thanks for what you are doing. It really does help and is much needed!


  2. Thank you for all your sharing. People do need listening ears and hearts. You have been and are a marvelous blessing to “our”community !

  3. It sounds like you both have been in the grief cycle. I hope you will continue recording as you move into acceptance. Take the perspective of those who have moved on. With the empathy you have, it now becomes possible for you to connect with people and provide connection and understanding, especially with those who are hurting.

    Alan,…your feelings were tender. Thank you for showing that–it was truly vulnerable.

    You used the word “Authentic[ally]” many times. The church provides 2 options: righteous vs. wicked. The third alternative that is not allowed but is so very valid is authentic. You see that, and its wonderful…

    Hope you can continue on….but if not, lots of love and hope for your future.

    “If you are hurting, reach out!….” Your podcast allows for that. I hope you will continue….

  4. Hey guys, I was hoping to hear from you two!!
    I’m glad we have the update confirming that you both are alive and well. You guys taken on a lot when you open up to the world in the way you have down. Helping others should never come to the detriment of yourselves.

    Hopefully no one has abused the support you so kindly offer, but I like the position where your at in the sense that you can release an episode when inspiration hits. I don’t we need weekly episodes, that is too demanding on self. Just occasional quality episodes.

    I suppose that the benefit of weekly episodes is anticipation. But occasional releases are way better than nothing at all and you are not the only ones producing content. I hope that there are enough of us supporters out there that you would want to continue… but if not. Self care above others and may life be always kind.

  5. It does get better with time. Sometimes as we grow we just get tired of talking about momonsim. Who wants open heart surgery all the time. Its nice to just let our hearts heal. I hardly listen to any mormon podcast anymore, except mormon discussions. I appreciate all you have done. Peace and good health to you both.

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