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The Mythical Jesus: 007: Mark 1:35 Contemplation turns to Awareness

Today on the Podcast we delve into what prayer means through our Western Eyes and what it can mean if we take more of an Eastern lens.  Can we see prayer as involving more meditation, more contemplation, more pondering, more silence?  And if we can, what does that lead to?

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This Podcast utilizes the New Living Translation to take advantage of its contemporary language if for no other reason.  The mission of this podcast is to help listeners explore the deep shift from Ego-Centricity to Cosmic-Centricity while also coming to a deeper appreciation of the Jesus of the New Testament as an incredible example of what that development looks like.


3 thoughts on “The Mythical Jesus: 007: Mark 1:35 Contemplation turns to Awareness”

  1. Hi Bill,

    I like to see this podcast gain traction with your non-lds followers. Please keep us informed regarding it’s listener growth.

    I’m not sure how aware of faith & mental development non-lds people are, but I’m interested in finding out.

  2. I wonder if you really intend to take responsibility for the harm your podcasts may do to people just trying to make their way in the world in a Christian manner.
    I’m sure you have had plenty of feedback from church members protecting the church and Elder Holland. He is also very special to me. I would never criticize as you have, and then to drag my family into it in a most harmful way.
    I am a high school teacher and would not want to take upon myself the seemingly “I don’t care about other’s” attitude I hear in your writings. I don’t mean this in a critical manner. I’m just observing.
    I do wish you the best,
    Shawna Spencer

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