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Mormon Biographies: 001: The Sept. Six: The Rest of the Story

Welcome to Mormon Biographies. This is the newest in our series of podcasts under the Mormon Discussions banner. I couldn’t decide on one person to highlight and with the topic of excommunication being widely discussed at present, I decided to take a look back at another September, 25 year ago, when some of our best and brightest faced church councils.  I often hear people in the post orthodox community throw out the term “September Six”. Because history is long and does take on mythical appeal for everyone, I wanted to check out the facts.  It’s very important to get our history as true as possible, whether we be devout, active Mormons or progressive Mormons agitating for more accuracy in the telling of Mormon history. Let’s lead by example. This is my contribution, and my tribute to those who have suffered, and will continue to suffer from church courts that seek to silence some our best and brightest lights.


6 thoughts on “Mormon Biographies: 001: The Sept. Six: The Rest of the Story”

  1. I don’t believe for a minute these 6 weren’t targetted by the quorum of the twelve and was a local level coincidence any more than I can believe for a minute that Bro. Joseph Bishops remains
    in the Church by their protection, even after his taped confessions of being a long-time pervert.
    It all comes down to publicity. Protect the Church image at all costs even at the cost of hypocritically aiding and abetting the truely guility sinner. In my opinion bad publicity results in fewer membeers which ulimately means less tithing which is the driving force their Corporate existence. Money corrupts….

    1. Stanley, Well, the 1st presidency and 12 do refuse to aknowledge or protect McKenna Denson (or to discipline her rapist OR to FIX policies to protect all members, esp children… as Jesus told Them to do) or to protect a multitude of other victims they have already silenced or threatened or their attorneys have payed off to be silent, rather than standing up for “the least among you” like Jesus said, to help and protect them as if they were Him?

      Sins of Omission or commission? Leaders greater than us, to boss and bully us, for Christ? What did Jesus teach on that too?

  2. I think the idea is genius.
    I would like to know a lot more about each individual that was excommunicated, why that took place and where are they currently on their faith journey or where they ended up once deceased.

    This episode felt too short, and covered a lot of people.
    we need more details to the story so it can be ingrained into our memories while listening to the episode. Everything went in a flash for me.

  3. I remember when Giliadi was part of this. I was shocked by the waves created. I didn’t know about it, other than my then MIL told me: “Would you like me to buy back that book we gave you?”

    It was his Isaiah book.

    I couldn’t figure out what in the world he said that got him in trouble.

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