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The Mythical Jesus: 009: Mark 2:3-5 Perceiving Perspectives

One of my favorite stories in the New Testament is the story of the paralyzed man being lowered through the roof by his four friends.  We discuss why we as the reader or as the spectator present we are likely to assume one purpose only to be surprised as Jesus going a wholly other direction.  What is it about those who perceive something real but that which no one else in the room perceives?  What makes these folks unique?  The answer is allowing our awareness to take us out of our own heads.

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This Podcast utilizes the New Living Translation to take advantage of its contemporary language if for no other reason.  The mission of this podcast is to help listeners explore the deep shift from Ego-Centricity to Cosmic-Centricity while also coming to a deeper appreciation of the Jesus of the New Testament as an incredible example of what that development looks like.


1 thought on “The Mythical Jesus: 009: Mark 2:3-5 Perceiving Perspectives”

  1. The thought often crossed my mind as well.
    Why did he first forgive his sins if what he wanted was to walk.

    You know… one of these days someone is going to plagiarize your commentary on the bible, right?

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