Mormon Wellness Project: 033: Pre-Conference Manifesto for Change

Jumping off of Bill’s recent podcast I pulled out my old list of things I think the LDS church could change to improve the lives of its members and potentially help in retention of some members.  Please send me some of your ideas!


2 thoughts on “Mormon Wellness Project: 033: Pre-Conference Manifesto for Change

  1. Great ideas for a less Pharisaical church. That training for bishops on suicide Must include training on the many forms of religious and Pharisaical bullying and the many ways it defies Christ, and that “Lovingly” bullying, forcing, coercing, punishing, shaming and threatening for salvation IS Satan’s Plan.

    Also training on the rules applying to the least (must apply to the “Greatest” and that the greatest is the least and servant, not to be obeyed blindly or never questioned.

    Restore His true Law of Common Consent which has been replaced by the Law of Common Coercion, threatening, shaming, bullying and punishing for God, the law of the Pharisees… (that doggoned other brother’s plan).

    • PS – those rules which do not currently apply to the Greatest among us are – paying tithing, being honest in their dealings and following D&C 121: 33-46 and following Jesus in general and qualifying everything by the real Him, then run those decisions for the members by the real Law of Common Consent as Jesus said for them to do, a few times.

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