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Radio Free Mormon: 056: Elder Oaks Puts the Con into General Conference PART 2

Today On Radio Free Mormon, RFM and Bill Reel dissect Elder Oaks October 2018 General Conference talk from Saturday Morning.  In this talk Elder Oaks uses logical fallacy after logical fallacy and bad argument after bad argument in defending his Anti-Science prejudice and his Anti-LGBT bigotry.  This 15 minute minute talk was a brilliant attempt to entrench the Church in stances that simply don’t hold up to the data and facts.   Elder Oaks arguments are full of holes and unlike Ensign Blair’s ship, this vessel of a talk sinks faster by the minute.


4 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 056: Elder Oaks Puts the Con into General Conference PART 2”

  1. RFM and Bill, you make a fantastic team! I love your conversations and thoughts. You’re making me more educated with each podcast. If I can remember half of what you’ve said when it’s time for me to speak up, I’ll be a winner!

    Thank you both for your podcasts!!

  2. It’s easy to rip up someone’s argument with no one to defend it. Can we some more devil’s advocate (funny that Elder’s Oaks would need a devil to advocate for his positions) in your rhetoric?

  3. The most cruel thing about his talk, about his stance on LGBT folks is that he holds out the importance of family–but they don’t get to have one. The glory of the Celestial Kingdom, but you can’t get there.

    More than anyone else, E Oaks has taught me there is no God, or cannot be a God like this.

    Can’t anybody see this? Doesn’t anybody care about this?

  4. A couple of points:

    Utah’s Medical Cannabis issue IS a moral issue. It is simply immoral to deny access to cannabis to people who are suffering and can be helped by it. Period.

    Second–I think it’s really important to be precise about the sex/gender/sexual orientation issue. Bill, I think you mean to say that biological sex is not binary–there are XX, XY, XXY XYY, etc, as well as intersex individuals. Oaks and the Church have been using the word “gender” incorrectly for years.

    “Gender” is the socially-construction of maleness and femaleness. “Gender Identity” is a person’s identification with maleness, femaleness, and everything in between.

    “Sexual Orientation” is the sex to which a person is attracted romantically and sexually.

    These distinctions matter, and the lack of distinction in Mormon discourse is actually indicative of the problematic way all of it is viewed.

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