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Radio Free Mormon: 057: Treasure Digging with Joseph Smith and John Steinbeck

In the spirit of Halloween, Radio Free Mormon today sheds light on Joseph Smith’s treasure Digging by setting the details of Joseph Smith’s Treasure Digging next to the eerie Treasure Digging of John Steinbeck’s Tortilla Flat.  RFM takes on the dramatized telling of this John Steinbeck classic.  See how many similarities between the treasure digging of Joseph Smith and John Steinbeck literary classic!


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 057: Treasure Digging with Joseph Smith and John Steinbeck”

  1. So I have to admit, at first I was a bit turned off by the outlandish scenario of Pylons & Flats. It seem like a mockery of the sacred digging of the Golden Plates, but all the being a replication of a practice being done elsewhere is very intriguing.

    I also remember reading D&C 111 and I’m so glad I stuck through till the end and having you help me piece together the background of what happened there. I remember reading that sections as a chastisement towards Joseph thinking that he could somehow win the Jackpot to help the church overcome it’s debt. Seems like the perfectly sensible thing to do. God’s one and only true church is on the verge of bankruptcy why not have God pull it out of debt through lottery. Fortunately the church has learned that real estate and stock investment brings a higher return rate.

    We have certainly come a long ways haven’t we?

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