Bill Reel Disciplinary Response to the Charges

Introduction Tell My story – convert 17 – Bishop 29 – Faith Crisis – value truth and transparency and honesty Treasure Digging – 1819 –  first seer stone – 1823 – second Seer Stone – Money Digger, Treasure Digger –  gold treasures buried in hills protected by guardian spirits using a seer stone.  He would […]

Updates on the Disciplinary Process

11.14.18 Received Disciplinary Summons at my door from two unknown men. 11.15.18 reached out to Stake President and informed him that I was going to hold him accountable to the two lies that were in the Summons letter and asked for him to explain within two emails and one text – NO RESPONSE I also […]

Letter Sent to High Councilmen 11.17.18

(this letter was emailed to the High Councilmen and counselors in the Stake Presidency on 11.17.18 at 9:45 AM) Hey Guys, My name is Bill Reel.  I joined the Church at 17, called and served honorably as a Bishop starting at age 29.  The Church was everything to me and I loved it so much […]

Open Thank You letter to Bill Reel

Open Thank You letter to Bill Reel Bill is going like a lamb to the slaughter. Four years ago, my husband and I reached out to Bill and his amazing wife Amanda and invited them out to Las Vegas to meet with progressive Mormons. They came with no hesitation in order to help us navigate the […]

Bill Reel – Disciplinary Court Is Imminent

It has finally happened.  I received a disciplinary notice from my stake president.  Would those who feel any attachment to this podcast or to me, would you please send positive thoughts into the universe for my family and friends.  I always knew that full honesty and transparency and shining a light on unhealthiness and deception […]