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Mormon Awakenings: Episode 41: Honesty Ain’t Optional

Jack Naneek responds to a listener comment about ego.  He dissects the dangers of avoiding giving offense when objective feedback is required.  The story of the woman at the well is discussed and the role of life’s experiences examined.


3 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: Episode 41: Honesty Ain’t Optional”

  1. Spot on. Thanks for the reminder that we are beings of light (children of God) and not our ego’s.

    Our Ego (low or high self esteem) does seem to tarnish the light within.

    I suppose then the proper way of seeing things is that we are all of infinite worth and hence equals. How we go about reminding people of that is not that easy. Specially if the person next to you wants to have a better ego than your own. After all his light does shine brighter than my own.

    What about collective ego’s vs an individual ego?
    A disciplinary council must do a number on your ego, would it not?

    May all of our lights always shine brightly, untarnished by unhealthy egos.

    1. Collective ego is a fascinating concept to think about and observe. Groupthink, tribalism, hierarchy–all terms that apply. And I think all these things do quite a job on one’s ego, one way or the other, at ego level. But what do any of those collective ego forces do to our deeper worth? Nothing. But our ego screams for us to think it does!

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