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Mormon Awakenings: Episode 42: Insane Objectives

Jack Naneek explores how we deceive ourselves, and how the mind hides its true intent. The story of Laman and Nephi is considered and actions of Cain and Able are revisited.


5 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: Episode 42: Insane Objectives”

  1. But what are you supposed to do when you discover your not so great hidden agenda. Even though it may not be that good & noble, merely acknowledging it does nothing for wanting your Ego to let go of it.

    We may not be our Ego, but it controls us more than we should, and we are not Christ to the extent that we are capable of laying it on the alter and offering it to God as sacrifice.

    Killing our hidden desires has a way of finding itself coming back with a vengeance and may take years to get rid of. Eventually the body/mind figures out what’s the point and gives up I suppose till then we are often left wondering if the wrong path was chosen.

    1. Excellent points. But, I do think you overstate the power of noticed ego. When you notice what your ego is really playing at, that puts the ego back in its place. And I’d distinguish between hidden desires that are falsely suppressed with true realization of those times when you’re sabotaging yourself. More to come next episode.

  2. Dear Jack,

    Thank you for deciding to continue Mormon Awakenings. I think the title of your podcasts is very appropriate as your podcasts are helping me to awaken. There hasn’t been one of your podcasts which has not helped me gain insights I hadn’t had before.

    I am appreciative that you decided to continue broadcasting your own type of enlightenment. I have gained considerably.

    Loved this podcast; and now I need to go back and listen to all of your podcasts to refresh my awareness.


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