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Radio Free Mormon After Dark: 058: Bill Reel’s Disciplinary Council

RFM takes on a Radio Free Mormon After Dark interview with Bill Reel regarding his upcoming Disciplinary Council.  The interview dissects all of Bill’s interactions with Leaders from Stake Presidents to Church Historians to Prophets, Seers, and Revelators.   RFM also asks Bill to give a run through of his correspondence and conversations that have led up to these Disciplinary Proceedings.  Sit back and enjoy as this Episode does more than read a few books and go to a pretty good school!


5 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon After Dark: 058: Bill Reel’s Disciplinary Council”

  1. Bill,

    It will be interesting to see how this ends up; specifically, if there is anyone in the court who sides with you. Ultimately the choice was already made in SLC, and your SP would end up going off program to not EX you.

    It is fascinating — you are being disciplined for being honest. You are being disciplined for telling the truth, voicing concern over abuse, and asking questions.

    I was born in the church, lived in SLC my whole life, am a RM, and have held keys in my lifetime. And this whole thing puts a chill down my spine. Its an ugly business when someone has to be silenced because they shine light on something that can NOT stand the light of day.

    1. And that’s why it should be appealed so the first presidency puts it’s seal of approval instead of making it sound like a local decision.

      God bless Bill Reel!!

  2. So, why don’t the High and Mighty Pharisees address the problem within? The Holy Leaders, the higher they are, the less honest they are in their dealings. Zero accountability or care, just like Jesus warned about all the time.
    Matt 7: 3,6-12,15-24
    Matt 15: 11-14
    Matt 23: 10-29
    John 8: 10-11
    John 8: 38-44
    No priesthood left: D&C 121: 33-46

  3. So, LDS church historian Marlin Jenson admitted that church leaders inherited a flood of shit from prior leaders and don’t know quite what to do about it but to hide it further and add to that over-heaped load of smelly shit past ready to burst? (Flush the SHIT!)

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