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Updates on the Disciplinary Process


Received Disciplinary Summons at my door from two unknown men.


reached out to Stake President and informed him that I was going to hold him accountable to the two lies that were in the Summons letter and asked for him to explain within two emails and one text – NO RESPONSE

I also asked him to move the Proceedings to a Saturday to help me have the time to recover emotionally before heading back to work and the the daily grind.  I also informed him that I knew he would be told to give me 45 minutes and that I was asking for 45 more to give me 90 as my salvation and ties to my eternal family are at stake.


I get a email from my Stake President that avoids any conversation regarding my shining a light on his two lies.  But he does chose to answer my questions though not in my favor

Brother Reel,

In regards to your questions on the timing and details of the council, here is what we can do:

  1. Regarding your request to move the council to Dec 2nd:  Unfortunately, we cannot move the council to this date.  We spent a lot of time as a presidency looking at dates, and Nov. 27th is the only date that will work.  So we will need to keep that date. There are travels and building conflicts that make moving this date really difficult.
  2. Regarding your request to speak for 90 minutes:  My thoughts are to give you 40-60 mins (or 4x longer than I speak).  I am planning on taking 10-15 mins.  I believe this will give you more than enough time to respond to the issues mentioned in my letter notifying you of the council.

Best Regards,
President =======


I made three requests based on two procedural principles and rules lined out in the Church’s Handbook of Instruction.  The handbook in the section on Disciplinary Councils states that the Proceedings are to be both FAIR and CONSIDERATE.  It also states that the person being accused has a right to question the witness presenting evidence against him.

REQUEST #1  –  To receive the details of the evidence against me so that I can prepare a response (a defense).  The charges are general and I have been left in the dark about what specific actions or statements made by me are seen as justifying the general charges.  Without these details ahead of time the proceedings are in no uncertain terms unfair and inconsiderate. CLICK HERE

REQUEST #2  –  I request that my wife be present for these proceedings to be a support to me as well as the Church being CONSIDERATE to her that this affects her as much or more than it affects me. CLICK HERE

REQUEST #3  –  I inform the Stake President that I am reserving the right to Question him regarding his two lies as well as other points that are important to this case as he seems to be the only witness against me.  (It is he who is determining what evidence to make his case and It is he who has determined that this evidence is in fact evidence of what he claims it is Evidence of. CLICK HERE

– We also emailed the Stake High Councilmen on this day with the following message.  I wanted them to be aware every step of the way about the dishonesty and the lack of Fairness and Consideration.  I also wanted them to have a chance to get to know me and the issues I find concerning.  CLICK HERE FOR THE WORDING


Followup with Stake President as no answer to three requests have been supplied


I see what you did. You crafted language around the charges that put you in the very best light as the Good Stake President who tried so hard to resolve Bro. Reel’s Concerns. You wanted those leaders above you to look approvingly at your effort. You were dishonest SP. And hence you have lost all credibility. Not just with me. Thousands of people are watching this proceeding ramp up. I am expecting an answer to my requests. To not respond is less kind and considerate than responding in ways that don’t meet those needs. I have asked if my wife can attend (is that fair? Kind? Considerate? I have asked if I can be informed of the evidence ahead of time? Is that fair? Kind? Considerate? I have asked to be able to question you? Is that Fair? I asked to have the date moved and of course you could easily move this ahead a week or two or three (the Handbook makes it clear every person in that room besides you and me can be substituted by another Priesthood holder.) Was me being the only person not consulted on if the date works kind? Fair? Considerate? We all know Salt Lake wants this done quickly and at a time and day to reduce bystanders and media hence the reasons for avoiding the date change.
By the way the confidentiality agreement and the “four times the time I will speak” are all Salt Lake. They have been used before in every high profile excommunication. You may be presiding over this event but It is now clear who is pulling the strings. That said I am still expecting you to be responsive on the requests I have made. You are showing your true colors which is loyalty to the organization over human decency. The Church is happy to let you be the front man taking the hit. Start doing the right thing. I deserve responses to my requests and I deserve you to acknowledge you shaded the facts to paint yourself in the best light to win approval of leaders above you. I fully expect to be excommunicated next Tuesday. My efforts are not to stop the proceedings. But I do expect common decency leading up to it in terms of responding fairly and in a timely manner to my requests and honesty about portraying the facts less than honestly.
Still waiting,

Brother Reel,

Of course Amanda is welcome to join the council, and the evidence has come from your social media posts.
All the other information you need about the council is in the letter I sent you.
I am looking forward to our discussion on Tuesday, and I pray that we will be comforted as this is not an easy task for anyone involved.
Thank you and have a good night!

11.19.18 – my followup

But no response to your dishonesty?   And will I be able to question you? Will you be answering those questions? Will you please tell me specifically which posts?

Thanks.  Do you see how you’re avoiding most of the questions? Half truths and half transparency is neither truthful nor transparent. Would you please address each of the questions I have asked you.

9 thoughts on “Updates on the Disciplinary Process”

  1. Bill, your requests are entirely reasonable and within the proper guidelines and they would be respected if this court were really what it claims to be. The people hanged in Salem in 1692 were given considerably more time and opportunity to defend themselves.

  2. I am so sorry you’re going through this. After you come out the other side you will feel most likely exhausted and then eventually liberated. I’m right behind you ( going through some of the same ) I slammed the door in their faces. I would rather be “ cast into outer darkness “ than be in the celestial kingdom with hypocrites, False prophets, and mysoginistic , ethnocentric Liars. You will be ok, even better Pretty sure Jesus stands on your side Takes a lot of courage to do the right thing and speak out

  3. Bill,
    I’m not important enough to throw me out so I can’t relate. I can relate to the reality that truth matters. Since the entire mormon doctrine is heresy and blasphemous, I only have 3 problems with it. Their doctrine of God. Their doctrine on Man. And their doctrine of Salvation.
    Once my eyes were open, it is HARD to believe that I actually believed it. Not knowing the bible was my downfall. It was an intense real study of the bible that led me out.
    Your honesty has been so appreciated. Once I started down the rabbit hole of deception and out right lies that the mormon church holds so dear, all I wanted was truth. Truth that gave me strength to be led and find the real Jesus.
    After being lied to my entire life, more than 50 years, those like yourself who are brave enough to put yourself out there;it has not gone unappreciated.
    Good luck with your journey. It would be easier to just walk away. I admire you and the path you’ve chosen. Give them the truth, that’s what they fear the most.


  4. For someone who was a bishop, Bill shows a shocking lack of understanding about the process of how these proceedings are conducted and a lack of perspective as to why.

    He’s in it for the notoriety and the money. Excommunication would be such a cash cow for him.

  5. Bill,
    Your SP has already shown that he is “church broke.”
    I am not super articulate and feel that my thoughts will be verbal vomit out of order. But here it goes.
    Like I stated – he is church broke and has his marching orders. I think the question is – how church broke are the others that will be in the room? It seems to me you may be able to present your back and forth with the SP and Holland to those in the room in a way that may cause a few to feel the cognitive dissonances float to the conscience front.
    Point out handbook items that are not being followed.
    My thoughts regarding recording – This has multiple angles. First I think you should absolutely record it. At the least for your own record and protection. Maybe you don’t release it to the public. But if you later get word somehow that TSCC says X happened or Y was said/stated at the meeting you can refute with the audio witness. As for if you release it – that is more of a question to RFM. But perhaps one option is to give it to Mormon Leaks. You could start the meeting off stating that the meeting needs to be recorded for the sole reason they will be reporting back to TSCC HQ in SLC – a recording will both help that report be accurate and honest. (ps – we can all assume how much Holland wants to hear your voice again and not just read a report about your Salem-like-hanging court went) State that all those in attendance need the benefit of it being recorded. State that when you leave they will put together notes and a report to SLC.
    You could ask – what are they afraid of with a recording. Let us live or die by our honesty.
    And if you do go ahead and sign the sheet – get the whole room of people to sign it first – and get a copy – I think… I don’t know – how I’m rambling.
    I wish I could be there to support you. You have helped me out so much from afar.
    I realized this morning why I am so pissed. I am mad that I have learned this She-aught so late in life. My parents have both died and I am not mad at them – like NNN I feel they too are victims as are most. Not sure when you cross the line from victim to an accomplice. But I am realizing I am looking for someone to get pissed at. I want to find my Mission Presidents and rant at them – passed. Or an old SP now a 70 or former bishop – but really what good will that do. I just want to leave and keep my family together.
    Whew – Sorry to turn this into a rant bill.
    Good luck my friend.

  6. So you are free now. You don’t have to worry about the covenants that you had made.

    This should allow you to find peace in yourself. You can be free to figure out a new religion of your own.

    Maybe it will be a religion that just criticizes other religions, or your former faith.

    Maybe it will uplift and help people.

    Maybe it will be an absence of religion and just a bunch of podcasts.

    Best wishes


    1. it always has to be the person. It can never be Mormonism that was off track. You do sense though right? that every fundamentalist believer of a fundamentalist religion says the same when they see one of their fellow believers increase in criticism.

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