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Marriage on a Tightrope 017: Matthew and Lindsay Kjar

Allan and Kattie sit down with Matt and Lindsay Kjar for an interview.  Yet another mixed faith couple is thriving!


5 thoughts on “Marriage on a Tightrope 017: Matthew and Lindsay Kjar”

  1. Perfect… beautifully expressed.
    Beautiful examples.

    Keep them coming, because there is so much that can be learned from one another.

  2. Thanks guys! I really appreciated the discussion about how Matt and Lindsay have managed their expectations of each other. I felt like they both had great ideas to offer from both sides.

  3. Mary Mary Quite Contrary

    Wait…what? Mormonism is a black and white proposition. It’s either ALL true, correct and up front…the “only true church on the face of the earth” and the “prophets, seers, and revelators” either speak for Christ and his church 100% truthfully, or not. Members are told over and over not to be “cafe Mormons” and pick and choose. They are also told over and over not to be “unequally yolked” with non-believers. So… Lindsay went to her bishop and told him she wants to sit in on HER children’s “worthiness” interviews. Well, what of ALL other children both before and now who are abused, coerced, and even the setting of precident that it is okay for any adult make to sit in a room with any child and on condition of negative consequences the child must be asked and tell private sexual (normal) behaviors and possibly shamed? That is only one example. How can you advocate exactly the opposite what church leaders say is wrong?? Having proof of church history whitewashing and even lies, crimes, and abuse as well as the horrible deceptions currently, then say you don;t mind your “eternal companion” simply seeing things differently? Ummm, yeah Doesn’t work for me. Either the church is what it claims (which we know it is not) or it is a fraud. And really, you should not live a life without personal integrity let alone bring up children to live lies. Your podcasts are angering and confusing to me.

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