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Mormon Awakenings: Episode 45: Your Zombie Identity

Jack Naneek discusses identity, conditioning, and our breaking out of the zombie stage. He talks about Saul/Paul, and the road to Damascus. He compares Saul’s awakening to the story King Lamoni’s father.


8 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: Episode 45: Your Zombie Identity”

  1. Never know WTF this man is talking about, always delete before listening to the end…. it’s verbal solo masturbation each Episode. Cut these out in my opinion and the Mythical Jesus stuff, and 2019 may see better downloads. FWIW

    1. Transcended LifeTime Listener

      LifeTime Listener, sounds like you might still be zombified TBM Mormon (ouch, filthy word, Satan happy, Jesus saaaad) since you are still on autopilot with the ingrained bullying.

      Another great program, Jack! I’ve gotta share this one. Hijacked is the one thing that really bugs the carp out of me.

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