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Radio Free Mormon: 059: Bill Reel’s Disciplinary Council – The Recording

EXCLUSIVE  –  EXCLUSIVE  –  Bill Reel’s Disciplinary Council The Recording – EXCLUSIVE  –  EXCLUSIVE

Radio Free Mormon shares that he has received the audio recording of Bill Reel’s Disciplinary Council.  The audio quality has issues but a transcript has been included HERE to make it easier to know what is being said.

If anyone can improve this transcript please email those improvements along with a time stamp to [email protected] and to the attention of Radio Free Mormon

Resources: links on website
Transcript of Bill Reel’s Disciplinary Council

Outline of the presentation Bill made at the Council

Timeline Run Through of Proceedings


24 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 059: Bill Reel’s Disciplinary Council – The Recording”

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  2. Honestly Bill. I can see why they moved forward with excommunication. Your tone was/is angry, and I believe you would more than agree with that. You believe the LDS Church ((and probably Christianity in general) is all made up, and can be attributed to deliberate lies/conspiracies, myth, elevation emotion, subjective experiences which are sourced more in biology than anything supernatural etc. So you do not believe any of it, and you are broadcasting that belief, gaining social media followers, and basically teaching that it is not all true. I do not see how there can be room for such people in any religion (or non-religious society even), if they do not believe and actively advocate that. That is a separate issue from whether what you advocate is true or not. On that note, nothing anyone ever says is 100% true or false. My subjective opinion – you have researched your facts. You have done a lot of work. However, not all of those facts can be cited to primary sources, or always reliable sources e.g Bushman’s statement that the visitation of PJ&J is likely a fabrication – RSR does not actually say that when you read the sentences before and after it. The suicide stats and sex abuse stats you cited – Utah is not the highest ranked state in either category. And so on. Facts are skewed (at times), not all the time, but it is the assumptions you make based on the facts. So I would say, having myself read RSR, Quinn, Palmer, Vogel, etc – that a good 60% of what you said is true. The rest is debatable either way, and a small percentage is false. Of that 60%, the conclusions you draw, and the assumptions, are about 80% incorrect or debatable either way. Bushman does not support much of what you pleaded. All the best.

    1. Yes, Bill’s tone is very Stage 4.
      However, the household of faith should be able to welcome all perspectives.

      Hopefully, one day we can all be reunited again.
      God bless everyone!!

    2. Of course he’s angry. He was lied to. Even if only 1% of what he said was true, that’s enough to be angry about. There is no room in a church led by a perfect Jesus to hold onto the false history. There’s no room for lies and cover ups. So 60% should have us all shouting from the rooftops too!

  3. You didn’t plan on sensationalizing your council proceedings at all did you?

    Why did you lie and record the proceedings? You know that you aren’t supposed to, and by going you agreed to the rules. One of which is to not make a recording.

    Then you market it? For your website and Podcast.

    You are in there talking about integrity and you are recording the proceeding surreptitiously.

    Nice move.

    You have zero credibility. You have no integrity. Your new truth is old lies.

    1. He has made it very clear on several occasions that he did not record this. Someone else did. He said he didn’t even know there was a recording until after it was over.

  4. James,
    All great points and what we see here is a modern day Korihor! Bill making a recording tells you all that you need to know about his integrity and his arrogant self serving driven motives!

  5. I’m surprised at the recording. Not sure how I feel about it being put out there. It breaks my heart for Bill and his family that they’ve had to go through all this. But I feel equally for the other men in that room. They were basically just exposed to an abbreviated version of the CES letter. But having been denied the chance to bless my baby, baptize my daughter, and enter my sis-in-law’s sealing all in the last 6 months because I shared similar concerns with my bishop and stake president, I sympathize with how frustrating it is to get people to recognize the wall that’s been built up around them. Do these men have good intentions? Probably. Is it Bill’s fault the church has whitewashed it’s history and enacted damaging policies? No.

  6. Braveheart is one of my favorite movies and there is a scene where the character Craig says, “An oath to a liar is no oath at all.”

    This is essentially how I feel about Bill Reel recording his disciplinary hearing even though he signed a corporate NDA. Make no mistaken about this non disclosure, this was done by the legal arm of the corporation of the church for their self interest, not Bill’s or any other member that the church tries to silence.

    So Bill, ignore these naysayers who are supporting an immoral organization which continued to conceal information from its members; not anything new.

  7. Anyone who is judging of Bill should apply that same filter at the church Bill has been shining a light on. What tone has that church had? Has it had any self serving motives? Has the church in question lied?
    There is no comparison. Bill has shown time and time again the bar on tone, truth, and motive is so low for that church, not many things rank lower.
    So for this woman, thank you Bill for information I certainly was never going to get from an institution that “claims” to have the truth. Yea. What a joke. Only it’s not funny.

  8. I listened to, and read the transcript of your Disciplinary Council. I agree with your SP and HC judgement. You were not excommunicated for bringing the truth of Church History to light. You were excommunicated for the way you did it. The Bible says, “Mockers/scoffers/scorners resent correction, so they avoid the wise.” (Proverbs 15:12)

    You did not go to your council for correction; you felt you were the correct one. You might be accurate with your statements, but you are not correct. It is not right or good to mock and scorn those imperfect men who are trying to do their best to lead the Church. You did not have a humble heart, but were trying to justify your actions of scorn and contempt.

    God wants humility; a humble, contrite heart. That is what repentance is. When you learn to understand that, God, and the Church, will welcome you back with open arms.

    “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” (Galatians 6:7) And God is very real. He exists because you exist. You cannot exist without Him. It is a scientific impossibility.

    1. Where’s the humility, contrition, and repentance from the Brethren? You said it yourself, they are imperfect men, so don’t they need to repent, too? Repentance includes certain steps. We must recognize our sins. This good brother has helped the Brethren do this by calling them out. We must confess our sins and make a restitution. Because we are the victims of their lies, that confession and restitution must be made toward us. I’m waiting.

      How hard would it be for them to make right any wrong they have done? Why do the Brethren expect more from us than we are allowed to expect from them? Why have the Brethren not been as honest with us as they expect us to be with them?

      No one in this conversation or in that High Council disagrees that the Brethren have been dishonest. So why do they not repent? And rather than repent, why do they disassociate themselves from members who request them to repent? Cowards. You may call it brand protection or optics. I call it weak. Final question: Does not hypocrisy deserve a little mockery?

  9. Except Bill isn’t accurate with his statements, he has poor critical thinking skills, poor grammar and no research ability, just whatever nonsense he reads online. One example among many. There is no “bethsheba” there is a bathsheba but she wasn’t married to Hyrum Smith but to his cousin George A.Smith. He also has poor integrity. He said he wouldn’t record his DC, but he allowed a recording to come out. The word is hypocrisy. Do the right thing Bill and apologize for your poor cognitive ability and even worse research skills.

    1. “Bethsheba vs Bathsheba” married to Hyrum or George? Nice diversion from what the main point was. The church had no right to ask Bill not disclose HIS interaction with the high council.

      Let me guess, Alonzo. In the David and Goliath story you were rooting for Goliath, right?

      1. No, you’re wrong. Bill can’t even get that basic fact right and he has the audacity to talk about truth? Spare us your nonsense .He has no right to put online high councilors names who signed the document. Bill has almost no credibility left or integrity, face it

    2. Did anyone in that room disagree with him? Sounds like he had enough skills that even the Spirit couldn’t tell these brethren that a single thing he said was inaccurate.

      You know the church hasn’t been honest with you so why don’t you call them to repentance too? Hipocrite much?

      1. Oh, I’m fine and I can tell that you’ve been mislead from reality by Bill when you can’t even spell properly.There is a “Y” in the word “hypocrite” you like him write like a 6 year old

        1. Alonzo is showing how ignorant he is and how willing he is to blindly follow. You make yourself look foolish with your messages Alonzo. Move along BUD!

  10. Disapointed by the recording. I do feel it’s a breech of integrity. I’m sorry you think you were justified in making it, and then justified in posting it. It does seem a bit hypocritical. Fighting what you believe to be dishonest (the church) with dishonesty sort of discredits yourself. Best wishes to you though. I hope you find peace somehow.

  11. For everyone complaining about Bill releasing the audio,stop.

    Why do you think the church asks people not to record the audio? It is because it would put them in a bad light. And legally they have no basis for that. Utah is a one party concent state.

    And it is extremely audacious for a church that had given its members such a distorted history to ask a person not to publish their excommunication. Something that apparently will hurt him for an eternity.

    I suffered in my excommunication trail and no one heard, but if they did they would know I did nothing wrong. I lost faith.

    And if you would hold the church to 1/100th the accountability that you are holding Bill to, you would leave as well.

    P.S. say one thing that he stated that was wrong? (Yes Utah doesn’t have the highest suicide rate, but it is still #5 so let’s not get nitpicky)

  12. The church doesn’t deserve a truth teller. It’s their loss. All he did is tell the truths of history which the church has lied about and then excommunicated others for telling the truth. So the church has to lie in order to tell the truth. Bill doesn’t have to lie, he simply tells the truth. Good job Abinadi Bill…

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