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Radio Free Mormon: 60: The Crying Game Part 1

President Eyring…. No Not the LDS Apostle but his son Henry J Eyring, recently gave an address at BYUI titled “Gaining and Strengthening a Testimony” where he lays out logical fallacy after logical fallacy in order to justify belief in the Book of Abraham specifically and to deal with the criticisms of the Church collectively.  Combine that with his having seemingly developed the same habit of reeling you in with his tears as he cries at the drop of a hat like his father and you can sense why Grandpa Eyring the Scientist is almost assuredly shaking his head in the grave.   Today you see all the illogical tricks one plays in the “Crying Game”


Audio of the Eyring Talk


5 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 60: The Crying Game Part 1”

  1. Your characterization of non-LDS universities as being places that encourage critical thinking may be over-exaggerated. Many universities are centers of liberal indoctrination that do not encourage critical thinking any more than LDS colleges do.

    1. Did you understand the opposite of liberalism is actually hereditary monarchy and class rule. Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty and equality. The party that claims it’s the true patriots is the Republic literally endorse a political paradigm that is diametrically in opposition to the liberty and freedom they claim to more genuinely endorse. This is the woefully amusing idiocy that is cultivated when you don’t actually no a damn thing about the political theories of which you opine. Indoctrination that we are born free. Yeah sounds so dubious and nefarious.

  2. I enjoyed your analysis of the conversation between Henry J. and Henry B., but I’m almost sure that it’s a conversation that never took place or has been so simplified and abstracted to a degree that it’s essential fictional. Neither Henry J. and Henry B. are rank-and-file members who have faith crises or struggle to reconcile reason and faith. They are invested personally and financially in the success of the Mormon church. It’s *their* church. I’m convinced that they do not discuss their beliefs or “testimonies,” they instead discuss ways to best manage the beliefs of those they are fleecing.

  3. lip smacking, and talking in slow low tones with whispers is an ASMR tactic. It causes tingling sensations in many people and has a very calming effect. It’s relaxing to listen to. I wonder if some might confuse ASMR for feeling the spirit.

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