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Radio Free Mormon: 61: The Crying Game Part 2

President Eyring…. No Not the LDS Apostle but his son Henry J Eyring, recently gave an address at BYUI titled “Gaining and Strengthening a Testimony” where he lays out logical fallacy after logical fallacy in order to justify belief in the Book of Abraham specifically and to deal with the criticisms of the Church collectively.  Combine that with his having seemingly developed the same habit of reeling you in with his tears as he cries at the drop of a hat like his father and you can sense why Grandpa Eyring the Scientist is almost assuredly shaking his head in the grave.   Today you see all the illogical tricks one plays in the “Crying Game”


Audio of the Eyring Talk


11 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 61: The Crying Game Part 2”

  1. I was trying to find the source of the quote you attributed to Pres. Uchtdorf about an honest man discovering he is mistaken. I have found it attributed to an anonymous person, but nowhere to Pres. Uchtdorf. It’s a great quote, I just don’t think it was made by him

  2. Holy WHAT!?!? That was the most difficult talk to sit through!!! SO, SO, DISGUSTINGLY STUPID!!! With that talk he’ll probably be shot clear to the front of the line an be the next prophet, right?! Thanks for doing this podcast Bill and RFM, you both supplied so many good thoughts and so much humor! RESPECT.

  3. If you are prideful you will not obey the prideful leaders?
    If you will repent the leaders still won’t have to?
    If you pay your tithing, top leaders still won’t need to?
    If you have enough faith you can follow leaders who know full well the lies and falsehoods?
    If you don’t smorgasbord the Gospel, Leaders will smorgasbord it for you, creating more and force feeding it to you?
    If you are honest in your dealings you can be safe to assume leaders higher than you will naturally do that better too and in fact won’t even need to be honest in their dealings?
    If the blind follow the truly blind, neither will fall into the ditch.

  4. I believe that Henry j Eyring use the word revealed three times with regards to Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, the Book of Abraham, and the book of Moses, Nothing about translation. The new narrative is going forth. No need for gold plates, no need for a urim and thummim, just a rock and a hat. No need for papyri, just a visual aid for inspiration. all we need to do is borrow from others works. All we need is Adam Clarke’s commentary on the Bible, Ethan Smith’s “view of the Hebrews” for source material. “The book of Napoleon” and “the late war” for additional source material and catchy phrases and names. This is how modern-day Revelation works.

  5. Alright, the mocking laughs at the very end was very distracting for me. I found it hard to feel the spirit when Henry J. Eyring was testifying of Eternal truths.

    With that said I’m closing with Respect (1967) Aretha Franklin.

    1. As a sex addict I was traumatized about the TK smoothing thing.
      You better believe how righteous I became… I mean the prospect of making infinite children with your immortal glorified wife… it just doesn’t get much better than that!!

  6. In 1975 I decided to go on a mission based on the belief that Ricks College Pres. Henry B. Eyring, who lived in my Rexburg ward and was the wisest man I knew, and couldn’t be wrong. I continued active (mostly) in the church until my shelf broke in 2010. Henry J. Eyring’s talk is disappointing, but also supports my distrust of L.D.S. epistemology. His examples of understanding of the Holy Ghost are deficient, and lead to errors. I cite Paul Dunn, and Parley P. Pratt’s pamphlet “Mormonism Unveiled” as two examples.

  7. Your characterization of non-LDS universities as being centers of critical is not true. Many universities are centers of liberal-progressive indoctrination that severely suppress free speech.

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