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The Asherah Grove: 005: A Woman’s Church?

Suzette breaks down a FAIR Mormon talk by President Sharon Eubank – and the Ensign article based on the same talk. She discussed the frame the LDS church gives to women, LDS Doctrine on women, female language around Priesthood (or the lack thereof), and ideas for partnership.

ANNOUNCEMENT from Suzette:

I am aware that my voice is upsetting to many in the Mormon Feminist community. It was never my intention, in hosting this podcast, to create unrest or frustration. I hope for greater peace in the Mormon Feminist community – and to that end, I’m going to stop podcasting for now.  I already had this episode prepared, so I’m going to post it.  And then I’ll step away until a better time comes.  I hope this will ease the tension that has existed in the past weeks.  Thank you to Bill Reel for his support of the podcast and of me as I continue my personal journey.

Media Statement from Suzette given 12.01.2018

I love everything about Exponent II – the mission, the magazine, the blog, the women’s voices, and most of all, the women. The slide into taking the money was incremental. Still, I was shameless and arrogant. I acted selfishly and with no regard for others. What makes it worse is that Exponent II was a family to me. They trusted me with an opportunity to be a part of an amazing organization.  I betrayed them.  The donors trusted me too – and I betrayed them as well. These funds were given to further the organization’s mission, and I used them foolishly for my personal gain. 

I acted outside the boundaries of society’s morals and norms.  I went against my own moral compass – of values such as honesty, trust and loyalty.

Opportunity, pressure, and rationalization – which are present in almost all crimes of this nature – were present for me as well. The opportunityand the financial pressurewere in my life.  The rationalizationgrew within me as my behavior continued.  As part of my rationalization I pushed aside the details, and only later, after the audit, was I shocked to realize that I had stolen over $100,000. I am now working with a therapist to help me untangle the reasons for my rationalization and betrayal of trust.  I have learned more about accountability in the past year than I have in my life. I have learned about owning up to the flaws within myself. 

But the fact that there are reasons why this happened doesn’t lessen the harm I cause the organization, the betrayal of my close friends and the hurt I caused my family.  And it doesn’t change the fact that I am completely accountable for my immoral actions.  I allowed myself to make terrible mistakes. I regret this and am truly sorry.  

Even when the money is repaid, I understand that there are things that can never be replaced: goals the organization may have reached if all the funds were in place, work we might have done together if trust had been maintained, time that was given to this process that might have been spent on growing the organization – and, of course, relationships that could have remained strong and rewarding. 

I wish I had had the courage to find a different way and to disclose this more quickly than I did. But, now I can only move forward.  I have put mechanisms in place to ensure this does not happen again and am working hard. I’ve always been committed to restitution and am ready to accept justice: in whatever fines and punishments the courts see fit to place on me. My belief in Christ and His grace remains strong. It is my wish to walk the path of redemption. 


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