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Mormon Awakenings: Episode 47: Delete Your Judge

Jack Naneek discusses a comment left after Episode 45. He uses the comment to teach about The Judge, a part of each of us that lives independently from us. Jack also discusses the work of Shirzad Chamine, author of Positive Intelligence.


5 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: Episode 47: Delete Your Judge”

  1. Thank you Jack. I appreciate your messages and the book references especially
    I have checked out quite a few over the last few years.
    I have been thinking quite a bit about the light of Christ lately.
    You stated we are beings of light and spirit inseparable from God. Amen.
    I believe the LofC is like a pilot light in us all that can be dim or a roaring fire.
    Nicodemus has his LofC stoked (pun intended) by Jesus and he was drawn to him. Same as Alma w Abinadi.
    Our ego gets in the way.
    I was going off course recently but a simple and direct message on the LofC ignited within me.
    That is what we ask for in the sacrament prayers…to have his spirit to w us
    Also that is what alma said at waters of Mormon, that they have is spirit more fully.
    Also in the first booth of initiatory
    It defines the mission of the L of C as discerning right from wrong truth from error and then blesses that one may be FILLED w the spirit of the Lord
    I think there is a continuum in the LoC
    I think this is what the first token is all about
    Received by all before birth.
    I appreciate what you are doing.
    Ego does get in the way.
    Glad you are back.

  2. Jack, WTF stands for What the Fun.

    Overall nice Ego trip, although I would have preferred to have our Long Time listener join in on your Solo “monologue” and perhaps start a “dialogue” of some sorts as awkward as that may be or sound.

    Yes we have all left nasty posts from time to time, although in most instances they get deleted (thank goodness).

  3. Jack,

    Your podcasts are like art to my soul. I wait eagerly every week for the next episode. They make me think, they bring me peace, they relax me and I learn how to better navigate my faith journey. If I may be pompous, it seems that your podcasts are possibly better suited for the educated mind. If long time “listner” doesn’t know WTF you’re talking about, perhaps he or she.. and pardon my insult… isn’t very bright.

    Keep going. The world needs your gift.

  4. Jack, just found your podcast about a week ago…..I was growing very weary of RFM’s and Mr. Bill’s approach. So quite frankly, I find yours by far the most worthwhile on Mormon Discussion’s line-up presently. Please keep up the good work. Your perspectives are refreshing.

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