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Mormon Awakenings: Episode 48: Leave Delusions Behind

Jack Naneek discusses leaving delusions and entering the light. There is a purpose for misery!


11 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: Episode 48: Leave Delusions Behind”

  1. Guys, you do know like, Zenith, Abinadi, these names, these stories, this History, you do know they are fiction? right? So your whole podcast is not only ironically appropriate, but you get that you are using delusion to help people avoid, delusion, right? Please tell me you get this? Jack?

    1. If a buddhist story about former soldiers leaving behind their lives of violence was used, would that have illustrated the true principle better? In other words, regardless of one’s view of how literal or figurative any of the stories we use are, the take aways are always figurative. Those who can’t see this are truly lost in delusion.

    2. Great analogies, especially done by using the book of delusions and ironically great stories. The BoM is no different than the bible, both scripture written by men. Is one more true than the other? Many true morals tot he stories in each book.

      I often find no better source of illustration to the mind and many of our situations than the made up stories of scriptures to guide and benefit the tribe in one situation or another. Both at least as good as Aesop’s Fables. The fables enlighten us as well as the real warnings, like the Native Americans or ancient Japanese warning future generations, “Don’t build below here, or you will be flooded, again.”

      The better stories tell us that we are seriously off track and that we are nothing like Jesus but very much like the Pharisees. That is another embellished story with a very good moral to keep in mind. Stories like this are to help us wake up, “graduate from the nursery, then later from primary,” so we Can leave behind delusions that light is dark and night is day.

      I wok,e back up to the BoM and love it again for some opposite reasons now.
      The Book of Mormon: another Testament Against the LDS Church,
      in way more ways than one.

  2. I’m confused about your stance on things. I appreciate your perspective about leaving misery and moving towards light, but I believe according to Bill Reel’s current stance on things, he would say that leaving delusions and acknowledging reality is leaving The LDS church and their delusions. But someone active in the faith could say leaving the delusions of doubt and welcoming the reality of the truth in the church. And so waking up to reality seems a little hard to define, especially for someone like me who is currently on the fence about my beliefs in the church. What perspective are you coming from?

    1. My perspective is that living in darkness and delusion produces misery and living in light and truth leads to increased joy, peace, love and a life closer to God. To say the church hasn’t helped facilitate this understanding would be inaccurate. To say the church has the final say on this process would also be inaccurate. Because who exactly is the church? It’s you and me and every other individual in it. That’s why having your own experiences, your own miseries, your own moments of redemption, matter. Then Bill’s position, or mine, or anyone else’s, won’t matter.

  3. Jack,
    I appreciate your message. It really resonated with me and where I am at currently in life’s journey. I have slowly been moving out of what I thought was the only light into lightness that I did not know even existed. I too have a great respect of Eckhart Tolle and his guidance (thanks to you). I am working on The Power of Now for a second time and A New Earth. What he talks about is as spiritual and personal as I did in Mormonism.
    Thanks for your great insight and the time you put into your podcast.

    1. Thanks Tim. Very kind. I think we are all moving from light to greater light. We think it’s all very mutually exclusive. But, it’s additive and my experience is that that which is light sticks around, and that which isn’t just sort of fades away. Said another way, when I came home from my mission, I thought I was the most enlightened, righteous and worthy person in the church. I realize now that I was an arrogant, self-righteous, insufferable dink. But the good lessons of that period of life, as well as the good lessons of all periods of life, have stayed with me, while the dummassery of some periods (tho not all!) have faded away.

  4. Dear Jack Naneek,

    I am currently experiencing a Mormon Awakenings binge, and loving every moment of it.

    I downloaded each episode, except for 25 which didn’t want to load, and by looking at the comments it was exceptional. I’ll try later to download it. I am listening to them in chronological order, and am now listening to Episode 11.

    You are making a real connection with things which were lacking in my understanding about life. Thank you for these wonderful and thought provoking podcasts. I am feeling more filled-out and not just an “skeleton” Mormon.

    I hope you are having a wonderful day. Thanks for being so thoughtful in presenting your stories and your conclusions.

    Very appreciatively yours,

    1. This is very kind. Bill Reel should be thanked for creating this platform and inviting podcasters of all ilks to participate! Leave a review at iTunes for MormonDiscussion Podcast or Mormon Awakenings. It would be most appreciated. But, either way, very grateful for positive feedback and I hope you find peace here.

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