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Mormon History Podcast: 020: Peter and His Priesthood

Even Joseph Smith was ordained to the High Priesthood by Lyman Wight 1831

1834 Priesthood

The Original Section 27 (Chapter 28) that was in the Book of Commandments can be found here which only contains 7 verses:


12 thoughts on “Mormon History Podcast: 020: Peter and His Priesthood”

  1. The words, “Keys, Power and Authority” should be red flags to all that Jesus warned of.
    Wasn’t it the Pharisees who said, “Obey Us! Don’t question Us! The debate is Over!?” He said that fruits apply to leaders and especially to prophets doing “good works” in His name.
    Matt 7
    Yes, Question them! Jesus did not give free passes and He held leaders to the highest standard for their claims. Those making claims are blasphemers against “God” and all of us.

  2. Really interesting. In researching a little more about priesthood today, I was struck by how much of the priesthood story, which seems to be missing from first hand accounts of the restoration process, gets filled in with a light dive into freemasonry. (See, for instance, here:

    I wonder if the rest of the story was simply rounded out by fitting it with the freemasonry narrative? I could see BY thinking something like, “Hmm. Don’t see the details about what happened to Joseph, but I don’t really need them, because my Masonic brotherhood has known them all along. I know Freemasonry Is True, so I’ll just fill in the blanks.” Not unlike Joseph sketching in missing pieces of Egyptian facsimiles.

    1. Which is why when it comes to Free Masonry and any similarities, they don’t look at it as stealing ideas but rather that Free Masonry has parts that are true but this is the truest of the true!

  3. This is the crux of everything for me in a very big way.
    I was always bothered by the fact that as a missionary I mentioned and shortly afterwards Peter, James, and John restored the priesthood implying that it happened near the very beginning of the church establishment. Now not even the Aaronic Priesthood story adds up.

    You’re stake president may not be interested in those emails, but I am.

  4. Emerson James Blackmore

    Please keep doing this work. I have found your podcasts most valuable. In the last week I have gone back through the archives and listened to most of them and some twice. Thank you for clarifying many things and providing links to the original sources. In trying to get a handle on the major shift in thinking that the whole process entails and wanting to hang on to the gospel/church I loved ( and still do to a degree – the good, loving, salt of the earth folks who care about others part anyway) I have often wondered if plain and precious parts of church history were altered by some trickster to make church history look dishonest. However, with all the original material as evidence it becomes clear that plain and precious things were deleted or added upon to disguise an agenda that was not honest. Your efforts have helped me come to peace with some things that I always had in a package of untouchable and evil speaking of the Lord’s anointed. A situation on a local level involving lies from a church leader gave my mind a painful twist about three or four years ago. So I blocked things out of my mind thinking that one dishonest guy doesn’t derail all the other good things. As you have said in other podcasts this is a painful process. You have given me encouragement on getting through this. The question that keeps coming to mind is: “Could I have sustained that?.” When you come across bits of information like a blood atonement approval (and even encouragement for this) by Brigham, for instance, or a comment he made in general conference about how a man with more keys could righteously appropriate another living man’s wife you have to ask that question. It happens over and over. Your podcast on Jesus at the Helm? simplified things in my mind. So thank you many times over. I enjoy listening to your voice and way of speaking as well. Bless you in your continued efforts to give us light and knowledge which brings understanding and a degree of peace. Sincerely, Jim B.

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