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Mormon History Podcast: 021: Jesus at the helm or is He?

Today I talk about another email that I sent to the Stake President and Bishop. Will add sources soon:


7 thoughts on “Mormon History Podcast: 021: Jesus at the helm or is He?”

  1. Loved it!
    A house divided against itself… is Very LDS.

    BTW, Christ’s or the Father’s Plan was to question, experience, grow, progress.
    Satan’s Plan was to Obey and Not question. Progression is capped, dammed. He gets the credit and you worship him.
    Our true test in mortality is, whom will we follow/worship, Leader or Christ? They are opposites, said Jesus and His prophets.

    1. Satan didn’t have a plan. That is a mormon made up concept. Jesus is uncreated and therefore created all things. That would include Satan.

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