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Mythical Jesus: 015: Mark 3:1-3 Look for the Helpers

Today we delve into Mark chapter 3: 1-3 where Jesus enters the synagogue and come across a man with a deformed hand.  We setup episode 16 story which is the tension between Jesus who wants to heal and the Pharisees who do not want to see their rules challenged.  But stay focused here in episode 15 on Jesus as one who wants to help and the man with the deformed hand who is in need of a helper.  We even talk briefly about Mr. Rogers and how when each of us go through life experiencing challenges there are always helpers around and that we need to both look for them as well as be the helper others are looking for.  We discuss how only when we experience the complexity of humanity are we prepared to have real compassion


3 thoughts on “Mythical Jesus: 015: Mark 3:1-3 Look for the Helpers”

  1. Bill, this is your best podcast, reducing and clarifying the true Jesus mission. Help others and set the example of freeing yourself from the bullying rule mongers who oppose His mission in the name of “supporting” and enforcing it. I shed a few tears with this one. Thanks.

    I’ve known and met so many people who think they are a literal prophet, God’s most beloved. All of them have at least some degree of judging, shaming, forcing, coercing and bullying their mission of goodness of Christ with all whom they meet on their own life mission to spread the word of God/Christ. Some of them are a bit on the gentler side of this while some are outright tyrants for Jesus. Fruits?

    I call their affliction, “Profit-itis.” Maybe Jesus could heal that too? Jesus taught plenty about these enforcers “more favored of God,” and their followers and enforcers (including Matt 7: 15-24).

    However Jesus did not attempt to coerce, shame, punish, change, bully any of them too Choose The Right, nor did He try to heal one of them of this most serious of afflictions.

  2. I saw the Mr. Rogers movie, also, and was deeply moved by it. I absolutely love this podcast series. I’m always checking for the latest one. I have had so many helpers over the past 5 years and I consider you one of them! I am deeply grateful you follow your inner authority. Thank you!!!

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