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Marriage on a Tightrope: 021: Gina Colvin and Nathan McCluskey

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Kattie and Allan sit down with Gina Colvin and Nathan McCluskey to hear the perspective from a veteran mixed faith couple. We loved chatting with Gina and Nathan and found so many valuable insights in what they shared. Get your notepad ready, there are lots of quotable moments!


4 thoughts on “Marriage on a Tightrope: 021: Gina Colvin and Nathan McCluskey”

  1. “Keys, Power and Authority,” to demand, command and constrain… The key to knowing what the fruits really are – superiority, bullying…. D&C 121: 33-46? Can’t serve two masters.

    1. And the scripture in Mark was great for me. I get tired of hearing the “by their fruits ye shall know them.” Amazing how mormons use that for mormonism and against “other”.
      Seems to me mormonism likes to speak of all others as part of the great and abominable – implying they can’t do good fruits, implying also that a bad tree can’t bring forth good fruit. Which here in this scripture in mark is clearly false.
      At least to me.
      Wow how does this world survive with so many bad trees doing so much good in the world?

  2. It was interesting for me how Nathan identified with Katie’s perspectives and where she was coming from.

    Each marriage dynamic is unique, but it is interesting to hear the patterns and find out what make marriages uplifting, beautiful, and capable of not only surviving faith transitions.

    1. Great point David. The more couples you speak with the more you find some commonalities that are almost universal among all couples.

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