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Marriage on a Tightrope: 023: Colton and Richelle Baines

Allan and Kattie are joined by Colton and Richelle Baines. The Baines are relatively new to mixed faith marriage and are using this podcast as a way of telling their family and close friends about the shift in Colton’s beliefs.


3 thoughts on “Marriage on a Tightrope: 023: Colton and Richelle Baines”

  1. Kudos to you all.
    I wonder if a structured format with some specific questions would serve these interviews better so we can have a contrast with how each family overcomes the common hurdles of mixed faith marriages.

    Not sure what the questions should be, but I could put more thought in structure on how these interviews could go.

    Each family overcomes these issues very differently and some of us are still in the midst of trying to figure a solution that works for us.

  2. You’re right David…having a few questions that we ask to each couple is a great idea. We’ve tried to take the approach of a conversation, but I think the lack of structure hurts the flow of the episode. We’ll try to have a few set questions moving forward!

  3. Great discussion. So helpful so hear other couples like Colton and Richelle managing mixed faith marriages.

    I actually went to a counselor on guidance on how to inform my family about my beliefs. It still didn’t go great.

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