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Mormon Awakenings: Episode 50: You Perceive What You Project

Jack Naneek discusses A Course in Miracles, and the idea that perception isn’t fact, but mere projection of your state of mind.


8 thoughts on “Mormon Awakenings: Episode 50: You Perceive What You Project”

  1. Beautiful, as usual, Jack. I love A Course in Miracles and find it incredibly uplifting, inspiring and filled with truth. Trying to change perceptions can be SO hard; my brain fights to hold on to them! But, I agree, oh what freedom and peace comes when I finally can let go and the mind of God and His perceptions settle in. Its been awhile since I’ve read from ACIM;I think I’ll pull out my copy today. ♡

      1. The origin IS fascinating! My reaction was . . . “well, I guess God and Jesus can talk to anyone that want!” Their communication isn’t limited to only those with ‘religious authority’. The backstory was completely plausible to me.

  2. Starting off great, then drifted and drifted from the mark.
    Perhaps I wasn’t paying close enough attention because I was doing other things.

    It’s a great episode all things considering.

  3. Dear Jack,

    Another excellent ‘zen’ take on all things Mormon.

    I appreciate your podcasts.

    I listened to each episode over the course of a week, which I found to be a very good way to “get” the richness of each episode.

    Why you take the time to prepare and record these podcasts is a puzzle to me. You must put hours into each episode. All I can say is thank you for sharing your ‘out of the envelope’ thoughts with the rest of us. I appreciate your kindness.

    Best wishes,

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