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Mormon Discussion: 322: Elder Pearson – Will You Leave The Savior

Today we dissect Elder Pearson’s talk “Will You Leave The Savior“(Ensign August 2018) that he gave at BYU Idaho (Originally titled “The Lens of Truth“).  In this talk there are so many logical fallacies, Wood Tools, and problematic assertions that It took little effort to dissect and expose this talk as unhealthy and not useful to a sincere truth seeker. May you enjoy!!!



12 thoughts on “Mormon Discussion: 322: Elder Pearson – Will You Leave The Savior”

  1. Hahahaha. So presumptuous. Many many many post Mormons do simply graduate from the church without anger or concern about the history. Bill is hilariously certain about the only possible reason someone might leave the church and then accuses Pearson of putting words in someone’s mouth after having just spent 5 minutes hijacking the “only way he sees it” as to the experience of the friend. Love ya bill. You do good research. But your imposition of the “only possible interpretation” you thump in every one of these commentaries is just as closed minded as the church telling us what we should believe. So much for compassion, nuance, and self determination.

    1. In my opinion, your comment, in speaking for “Many many many post Mormons” is far more presumptuous than anything that Bill has delivered. Speaking for myself, my own faith transition experience, where it really matters, Bill is spot on in the story he tells.

      You seem so preoccupied with injecting your seemingly self-satisfied criticism that nowhere in your comment do you give Bill credit for addressing some very important core points with a healthy amount of honesty and accuracy.

  2. Bill, cummon, you know damned well that top Leaders have a free pass on being honest in their dealings, paying tithing, bullying, etc… That is how Jesus builds, protects and enforces His only True Church. So, just don’t even question any of it or you are simply serving Satan.

  3. Does anyone know if Elder Pearson will here this valuable feedback?
    It’s possible that his faith creates a blind spot that he is unable to see his own faults.

    How can we repent when we are oblivious to our mistakes? After all, they honestly believe the truth, at the very least I know members that truly think this.

  4. Brilliant and fresh framing of a now all too familiar message from the leadership of the church A Set of shaming tropes sprinkled with a nasty dusting of fear mongering.

  5. Bill, generally love your work and do like this episode, but you made a mistake when you chastised Elder Pearson for speaking for his friend and then later you also speak for his friend. We need to avoid mistakes like this because it weakens our criticisms.

  6. I don´t think he was speaking for the friend. He was speaking from his experience (and many of ours). But it would have been good clarify that. 🙂 When people ask me why I´ve left the church. I keep it general for many of the same reasons discussed here.

    1. I don’t have the exact quote, but when Pearson puts words into his friend’s mouth Bill responds with “That’s not what your friend said, he said XXX”. Literally doing what Bill rightly points out that Pearson had just done.

      Bill later goes on to make some completely unsubstantiated claims based on emotion. My gut says Bill is probably right, but without evidence to support his claims it’s not much different than a TBM agreeing with one of Pearson’s claims with no supporting evidence.

      We don’t have as much room for error. Every mistake we make gives them a reason to dismiss our arguments. We have to be better than the TBMs.

  7. I’m not the friend of Elder Pearson’s in question, but if I were, speaking for myself and my own faith transition experience and what I know of some others, the story Bill tells is applicable, honest and accurate. Regardless of whether it accurately speaks for everyone, including Elder Pearson’s friend, I think it’s fair to suggest that it tells the most common true story.

  8. Bill,
    I love these breaking down the talks posts. Please consider doing one on the Kerry Mulhstein Ensign article about the BOA. Maybe you did it in the series you did with RFM about BOA. Anyhow, it was so insane that I truly cannot believe that someone with a PhD was capable of writing it in good conscience. There were exactly two footnotes. Guess whose work he was citing? Yes, both references were to articles that he was an author on. My head almost exploded. My husband is a professor so I have insight into that world. The unprofessional nature of the article is staggering.
    Anyhow, keep on keepin’ on

  9. I’m a simple person, I heard what you said Bill, I loved the church until I found the things out that you spoke of. I loved this podcast it hit home for me! Thank you for sharing. Sometimes things are twisted and turned so terribly by the church that even I, a simple person go are you kidding. Thanks again Bill for the time you gave to this. It made me feel like I’m not alone.

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